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Run Bread Bowl Run

I love the opportunity to lead a group of men and come up with new ways that people think my workouts are insane.  For some reason, I enjoy the grimace of are we really doing this as much as when I complain about some other crazy workout someone put together for the pax.  Finally, we were also able to keep the Pax together at the count of 17 with NC rolling back some of the safety measures across the state.  We signed off on dicks, told everyone to stay apart and away we mosied for the warmup.


The Thang

  • Jog to the front of the school
    • SSD X 20
    • Merkins X 20
    • Parker Peters X 20
    • Calf Stretch
    • Potato Pickers
    • Imperial Walkers
  • Mosey to the path lined with Trees
    • Alternate Trees with 5 squats at the first tree and 1 burpee at the next tree till the end of the road
    • Burpees while we wait for the six
  • Mosey to the alternate loop of the school for some DICKS
    • Select a partner
    • Between partners, 100 Decline Merkins, 100 Incline Merkins, 200 Crunches, 200 Donkey Kicks, 200 Side Strattle Hops
    • The timer was you partner running a loop around the parking lot
    • Anyone at the workout heard me yelling for Breadbowl to Run
  • Mosey to the Rock Pile near the playground
    • 50 Curls, 50 PResses, 50 Tricept Extension
    • Repeat for 25 reps
  • Mosey to the buses, do a burpee at each bus
  • Mosey to the basketball hoops
    • 200 Step Ups
    • 200 Dips
    • 200 Butt Touch Squats
  • Run back to COT


Thanks to Rudy for bringing coffee and donuts along with Brutus bringing some Gatorade because the humidity almost to a downpour.  Welcome Lincoln, Son of Catfish as the FNG of the day.  Let is be known that he now be called Nemo.  I did a terrible job at COT forgetting the FNG as well as forgetting the marketing picture. Thanks for the pax letting me Q.


  • 100 Pax Challenge to raise money for local charities – Give Early, Give Often – 100 men giving $100
  • Waxhaw Spartan Race for local F3 men in June
  • Q School and Site Q School in July
  • Looking at new AO’s including Rayview Elementary, Waxhaw Elementary, and Weddington Methodist


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