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Shake ‘n Bake speaks from the heart

With all that has been going on in our country over the past week, it has become more evident than ever that the “Waxhaw bubble” that we are blessed to live in is not the “real world” by a long shot.  Lots of heavy and disturbing situations which make for uncomfortable conversations with your family, friends, co-workers, and others.  But F3’s principles push us to not only confront the uncomfortable but to step up and lead during the messy situations.

One man who seemingly sprints towards the uncomfortable during workouts is Shake n’ Bake.  He has often seen sprinting up hills at the end of workouts, calling himself names to “encourage” more effort, slapping his own ass, and coming alongside other PAX to call them out in a “loving” way to push harder.  So YHC reached out to him last night to see if he would share some of his thoughts.

So after name-o-rama, Shake n’ Bake commanded the circle of 38 PAX for about 5 minutes.  Not a peep, burp, or fart could be heard.  He NAILED it.  He spoke from the heart about what he HAS and IS experiencing in his life because of the “uniform he proudly wears.”  He eloquently explained some of the day-to-day things that he has to endure that are MUCH different than most of us could even imagine.  Shake got emotional when talking about the terrible conversations he has to have with his 7 year old son about “being different even though he is not different.”  He illustrated how fear creeps in during situations with his wife and son during what most of us would consider “ordinary” activities.  

Shake finished the impassioned speech with a simple yet powerful ask:  Be the difference, don’t sit and not say something!  Whether it be at work and you hear something in a conversation, DON’T JUST SIT IDLE.  If out in the community and you see some injustice, STEP UP AND SAY SOMETHING.  Be “That Guy” who people know that bad language, bad actions, bad intentions, etc. WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  Because if nobody else will, you will SAY SOMETHING.  

I know the above typed words don’t do Shake’s speech justice but hopefully you got enough out of it to prompt you to have some uncomfortable conversations with people you know and don’t know.

WORKOUT:  We ran 1/4 mile intervals at fast-ish speeds for a total of 4 miles with some exercises mixed in

MOLESKINE:  A couple dry heavers.  Impressed with #Kotters Dancing Bear and Ignition FNG Fiji.  Well done fellas!


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