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Bushwood – THE MATCH

14 golfers PAX showed up to the first tee box mostly in appropriate “Country Club” attire (Sleeveless Collared Shirt).  Last night, Judge Smails YHC put out the challenge: For every well-dressed PAX at Bushwood, YHC would donate $10 to the 100 PAX Challenge.


  • 1 minute warning and announcement of DCCS (Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR, and Safety – Area and COVID)
  • Quick mosey, SSH, Merkins, Peter Parkers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Stretch, Squats


  • All PAX grab a partner opponent
  • P1 runs lap while P2 exercises
  • Golfer with highest reps wins the hole (ex. Up 1, Up 2, Down 1, All Square, etc.)
  • Front nine exercises:  Knee slap burpees, Aussie In/Outs, Hand Release merkins, Bobby Hurley knee slaps
  • Back nine exercises against wall:  Air presses, Donkey Kicks, Wall-facing squats
    • P2 back and forth across parking lot with bear crawls, crawl bears, bunny hops, 1 legged hops
  • 19th Hole exercises:  Curb Merkins medley, Burpee Lap, Capt Therkin Webb
  • Settle the bets: Losers and their opponents do 5 knee slap burpees


  • The workout was designed to ensure you push yourself during the run and during the exercises . . . No sand bunkers bagging
  • Welcome to our 2 FNGs
    • Crumbcake (Joe):  Buddy of Goodfella who had great college, work, and faith things to help with nickname but since his wife sells homemade crumbcakes, he had no shot at getting a cool nickname
    • Foot Fault (Berhe):  Buddy of Bottlecap who grew up playing tennis and now owns Blakeney Racket Club . . . his arms are also huge
  • Welcome to Hot Yoga who moved down from Dilworth recently and now lives in Cureton . . . Looking forward to seeing you in the gloom more often
  • Thanks to Fiji and One Star (if he is in cell range on his 32nd straight week of vacation) and Knish (if he is still checking backblasts) for asking me to lead . . . love this site and the banter that comes with it


  • Thursdays:  New bootcamp workout.  0600-0645 at Rea View Elementary.  Das Boot on Q this week
  • 100 PAX Challenge:  YHC paid up on his challenge of $10 per PAX for $140 . . . Then Fiji decided to match . . . And then our FNG Foot Fault said he was in for $100 as well!  BOOM!
    • We are almost to $7,500.  I am excited to see how this money will impact the selected charities, the local people in need, and just as important, how it will impact the F3 Waxhaw PAX as we more freely give and joyfully serve our community in a united front.

YHC took us out in a prayer of thankfulness and a petition for more courage to act.

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