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German Shepard-gate

Diccs given- cell phone, cpr, modify as needed, do no sue me, f3 , easy button or new town and we will be on campus.

Warm up

Warm up lap around parking lot and head to Flag Pole for the warm up

20- SSH

10- Tator pickers

stretch right, stretch left , middle and go into a plank

Plank, Elbow plank, right arm high and right leg high 10 seconds

Plank, Elbow plank, left arm high and left leg high 10 seconds.

5 low slow count merkins


The Thang

Long mosey down road and back down trail near highway to entrance of school and plank waiting on the 6 and explain the next exercise-

Mosey up 2 light poles for 10 Bomb Jacks and sprint back one light pole for 15 speed skaters ( Mad Dog some how missed this very important piece of information until the very end and was doing 10 speed skaters– shame shame shame lol ). Go all the way around to the buses and stop at the light pole nearest the Bball court.

4 Mike Tysons, 4 dry Docks and 4 air-presses – increase air-presses by 4 and and do the same amount of Tysons and Dry Docks until we get to 28 air- presses– this was fun.. ugh

Head to Bball court for some good ole fashion 1 minute sprints – Recalculating would be proud. Sprint baseline to baseline for 6 times, then 8 times, then 10 times and last but not least 13 times. The goal here is for everyone to finish under 1 minute and if we do not finish the whole PAXS does 3 burpees. The PAX did a heck of a job sprinting until we got to 13, Popeye who would have finished with 10-13 seconds decided we  all needed 3 burpees so he just stopped and laughed at us — thank you SIR- UGH..

Head back to bus area to finish our webb of 4 Mike Tysons, 4 dry Docks and 32, 36 and 40  air-presses- good times

Mosey to back of building for wall work — yikes there is a lady with a German Shepard who came running towards up for a play date or a snack.. I was about to push someone down and run as fast as I could but he actually wanted a play date so we aborted that area to give them spacing.

Mosey to front of school for wall work now…

20 air press in cadence, and 20 air jabs in cadence- sprint to curve

20 air press in cadence and 20 air jabs in cadence- sprint to curve and add 3 burpees

10- wall plank merkins- sprint to curve and add 3 burpees

5- wall plank merkins- sprint to curve

20 air presses in cadence and 20 air jabs in cadence- sprint to curve and add 2 burpees.

Mosey back to COT just in time


As always in it a honor to lead this group of leaders and we had a great 20 peep turnout today. The PAX pushed hard as usually and we have some fellows really turning it up a notch.



Akbar and his church is looking for help to unload every night at 6pm and they are also looking for toiletries, kid friendly food and items that will go into lunchboxes for next two weeks.

Q school coming in July- to help you run an effect Q

Site Q school is also coming as we are looking to open new sites

We are looking to continue the 100 PAX challenge and the next 10 donations will be match $ or $ by a PAX member.


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