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Smart Aleck

My first morning out to Chiseled was three weeks ago and Fusebox asks me to Q.  Today was only my third outing and the BIG day!

A disclaimer was given.  Cell phones were on hand as well as someone willing to give mouth to mouth. 🙁

Tha Thang

25 x SSH

20 x EW

Mosey over to the cinder block pile for those of us who don’t carry one of those bad boys around in our car.

Upon return to launch, Mobly’s “Sally” comes across the speaker.  The block was used as a goblet and every time Sally was brought up the block was brought up in our squat and every time Sally was brought down we brought the block down in the squat.  Never to touch the ground – of course!  Confession, I have never been a fan of Old Miss Moose – bless her heart!

Pre-emptive Moleskin…. I had only met Popeye this morning and we were talking about his service in the Navy [thanks for serving us – by the way].  During Sally, with a smile, Popeye says, “ya know, they do things like this to a song called Roxanne.”  YHC’s response was a coy, “oh, really.”

Next exercise, planks and ‘merkins to the song – Roxanne.  First, I apologized to Popeye for coming across as a smart aleck – dude is huge!  Second, ‘merkins and planks end up being burpees if you didn’t know, which are always a crowd favorite.  By the way, there are 32 Roxanne’s in the song.

Next, because life is always easier with a good buddy, we partner up for some good work.

  1. Goblet Squats with the block– 100 total. Partner one does a lap while partner two begins exercise.  Together they add up to 100.
  2. Overhead Press with the block – 100 total.
  3. Curls with the block – 100 total.
  4. Burpees (with a twist) – basically two rounds. Partner one does burpees while partner two runs the lap.  Twice through.
  5. Luganis with block (with a twist) – basically two rounds. Partner one does luganis with block while partner two runs the lap.  Twice through.

Next, line up a breast across island #2.  Run a suicide to islands #3, #4, #5, and #6.  Every time you return to island #2 you do 25 LBC’s.

Blocks were returned and we limped back to launch for some stomach (pronounced with a “ch” at the end – Stone Cold started it).


Chest Hair (aka, Chastain) made several announcements about Q school and site Q school and the necessity to train yourself for leadership.  Reach out to Chest Hair for more information.  Also, there was a mention about the 100 men fund raising.

Confession:  I forgot to record all the names when we did name-0-rama.  Thanks to Fuse for recording and for the invitation.  Smokey – out!

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