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Hump Day!!!!!!

Warm-up lap with Sprinkles and Good Fella to get the blood flowing and legs loosened up.


Start with a mosey around the HS to the backside with 25 SSH. The kept moving to the side of the MS for 15 MTC, 15 Plank Jacks, and the newly named Easy Button exercise also known as calf stretch. Then we head to the back of the MS to the picnic tables.

The Thang
Round 1
10 step ups or box jumps
10 Derkins
10 Dips
10 In and outs
Run lap around track with 5 burpees ½ way

Round 2
15 of each exercise

Round 3
20 of each exercise

Round 4
25 of each exercise

If you’re the first ones done, you get to start over with Round 1. A few people got to complete a 5th round.

We moseyed over to the HS for some laps with Lunge Walk and Soldier Walks at each end. Intention was to do 4 rounds. Based on time we cut it down to 2 laps so we could finish with the punisher.

Moved over to the student lot for the line of trees. Alternate 5 hand release merkins and 10 squats at each tree.

I didn’t realize there were so many timekeepers. This is not my first rodeo fellas and I know how to keep time on the watch I wear. Now if it were Hooch Qing I would understand. All jokes aside good work fellas.

100 PAX Challenge is up to $7500ish. Looking for corporate match programs and there is a match for the next ten $100 pledges.

F3 Waxhaw Spartan Race
June 27th 7:00am
5k with 20 workout stations
Please let us know if you can make it on GM playhouse and news channels calendar invite

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