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Swarm AMRAP x 2

14 sweaty dudes . . . THE END!  You know I can’t do a short backblast.  Texting with Dasher last night about ideas, he actually mentioned a workout idea that was my backup weinke for this past week’s Ignition.  So that must be a sign, let’s do it!


  • DCCS recited including the COVID disclaimer about #SweatPilePolicing . . . But that made me think, when was it EVER ok to lay down in another man’s sweat pile?
  • Mosey to Bus loop
  • SSH x 15, Merkins, PP, Merkins, MC, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Squats


  • 15 minutes around “The Original” course
  • 15 of each at various stops:  Derkins, Bomb Jacks, Al Gore Front Shoulder rock raise, Mike Tysons
  • 1 hand release knee slap burpee for every lap completed
  • 5 laps completed for all


  • 15 minutes on “The Hill” course
  • 4 runs up the hill (sideways left, sideways right, backwards, and straight), 15 BTW shoulder taps, 15 donkey kicks against HS wall
  • 1 hand release knee slap burpee for every lap completed
  • 4 laps completed for all


  • Partner up for lap around bus loop
  • When you meet, 5 hand release knee slap burpees
  • Sprint every other light pole back to COT


  • The plan was three 15 minute AMRAPs but ran out of time due to some moseys and mary
  • Tool Time and Dasher killed it out front all day . . . Dasher even had time to complain about how easy the workout was due to him modifying the exercises
  • Kudos to Premature for getting out of his comfort zone and making another appearance at the hour long workout . . . Well done brother!
  • Good to have Smithers back . . . At least that is what this skinny guy is calling himself
  • Deflated with gas left in the tank on a few of the late runs . . . Must have heard the also skinny Foundation compliment Smithers and got jealous
  • Speaking of skinny guys, who is the guy claiming to be Nails . . . The puffy jacket has been replaced with the skin shirt
  • It’s about time Sprinkles made his way back to the hour long workout scene . . . And glad to see he is under the tutelage of Zinfandel as they were both offering great encouragment/compliments to the Q today
  • Fellow Waxhaw Express teammates Easy Button, Gerber, Hollywood, and Glidah continue to push hard . . . it’s awful awesome to be looking at your backs have you guys at workouts


  • ACKBAR: Union UMC is collecting kid-friendly food items and toiletries to be given out.  The weekly Thursday food pantry (giving items in addition to the regular groceries for our beautiful guests). This drive will last for 2 weeks, and the donation boxes are near the entrance to the sanctuary, to keep it out of the rain. The following items are needed: Toiletry items: shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, toothbrushes, tissues.  Kid Friendly Foods: individual servings of chips or crackers, fruit snacks, applesauce, PB & Jelly, fruit cups, Mac and cheese, etc. Anything that would fit in a lunchbox. We will collect for the next couple of weeks.
  • DASHER:  Spartan race Saturday June 27th at Cuthbertson.  This should be a fun but challenging workout for all PAX with great 2nd F opportunity.  Signup in GroupMe under Calendar to let him know how many are attending.
  • ZIN:  National Donut Day but nobody got the details cuz Mad Dog didn’t care
  • MAD DOG (and others):  Great recap of yesterday’s rally but more importantly about how we look to go forward as individuals and make changes in our lives and our circle of influence

YHC prayed us out with an appreciation for this week’s events/conversations and an ask for wisdom for our actions in the coming weeks

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