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A Double Shot at The Vet

Today was a special day for many reasons. It is the 76th Anniversary of D-Day, and YHC had the privilege of being guest Q for our F3 Mint Hill brothers at “The Vet”.  The Vet takes place at The Mint Hill Veterans Memorial Park. YHC previously requested to Q on 6/13, but there is no coincidence that Delta asked me to Q on 6/6 instead.  Did I mention that Delta is a Veteran himself?

So…13 men showed up on a beautiful morning to a busy park filled with tons of great energy. Plenty of people walking, running, saying hello to each other when they pass by.  You would never know that troubles and tensions in this country are all around us.  White, Black, Asian, Young, Old…all sharing the space.

It was also great to have 2 of our F3 Waxhaw brothers support today’s Q, with Mad Dog and Deadwood making the trek up to Mint Hill.  Mad Dog is a Marine Veteran, and Deadwood grew up in the Mint Hill area. Great to have these guys today.

What made the whole day even more special was today’s FNG and his story. More to come on this, but here is how the workout played out.

The Thang:

Waxhaw’s version of the “Disclaimer” given in the form of “DiCCS” (Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR trained, Safety).  Long Warmup down the gravel trail, stopping at various spots for exercises. Before each exercise, Pax plank it up to share some information about themselves, since most of us have never met. Each Pax shared:

  • Hospital name
  • F3 name
  • Where they’re from originally
  • Where they went to school
  • What they do for a living

The fellowship and camaraderie of F3 is how we really connect, and it’s what keeps guys coming back for more. We would complete (10) reps (IC) of every exercise, repeating the previous set before adding another, finishing with (6) total stops. This looked like:

  1. (10) SSH (IC)
  2. (10) SSH/Plank Jacks (IC)
  3. (10) SSH/PJ/Low Slow Squats (IC)
  4. (10) SSH/PJ/LSS/LBC’s (IC)
  5. (10) SSH/PJ/LSS/LBC/Flutters (IC)
  6. (10) SSH/PJ/LSS/LBC/Flutter/Burpees OYO

We completed the “Warmup” portion near the Wall Ball courts, so we stopped to do old man stretching in the form of some basic Yoga moves. Upward Dog. Downward Dog. Runners Pose. Prayer Twist on both sides. Done!

At the Wall Ball courts, grab a wall for:

  • (20) Air Press (IC)
  • (20) Donkey Kicks (OYO)
  • (40) Air Press (IC)
  • (20) Donkey Kicks (OYO)


Mosey to the Figure 8 Track for “4 Corners”, staying together as a group, while avoiding the many walkers/runners out there today. We did:

  • (25) H2H (IC)
  • (25) Jump Squats (Civilian Count)
  • (25) Dry Docks (Civilian Count)
  • (25) Speed Skaters (OYO)


Mosey to the Korean War Memorial where brother Deadwood would lead the Pax in “Captain Therkin”. If you haven’t done a Captain Therkin, it looks like:

(1)WWII Sit-up/(4) American Hammers/(4) Merkins…(2) WWII Sit-ups/(8) American Hammers/(4) Merkins…(3) WWII Sit-ups/(12) American Hammers/(4) Merkins…up to (10)/(40)/(4).


Mosey back to the parking lot, grab a Coupon of choice from YHC’s and Delta’s trucks for partner work. Mosey with your coupon to the Playground and Shelter area. Partner up but choose a partner you don’t know for:

  • P1 (150) Curls / P2 Run Hot Lap
  • P1 (150) Overhead Press / P2 Run Hot Lap
  • P1 (100) Tricep Extension / P2 Run Hot Lap
  • P1 (150) Bench Press / P2 Run Hot Lap


Great work by the Pax throwing the weight around. Some nice banter and pushing each other since we were all pretty worn out at this point (although some chose smaller, lighter Belgian Blocks over the heavier Cinder Blocks!!!).

5-minute warning went off on YHC’s watch, so it was time to mosey back to the cars, return the coupons, and head back to the War Memorial for a few minutes of Mary, courtesy of Mad Dog!  He put us through his infamous Protractor sequence from his Impromptu Q yesterday… “10…45…90…10…90…10…90…on and on”.  Awful!  Done!


The intent and goal today was to stick together as a group, hit the Speed + Core + Strength pieces that make for a great Bootcamp workout, and get to know each other as brothers. It was also a great opportunity for YHC to see how my good friends, Delta and Epsilon, were doing in their new F3 Mint Hill home.  We have been friends for almost 10 years now, meeting through our church, doing ministry together, YHC EH’ing Delta 3 years ago, and our families have become like (closer than) family.  It’s great to see things going well for them!

Some Mint Hill pax supported the Waxhaw Region Launch last Labor Day, so it was great to return the favor of support.  They had no idea what their mystery guest Q was all about, but sometimes it’s just what we need to push us out of our comfort zones. I enjoyed meeting some fellow Jersey guys and Father/Son duo of Othello and Lover Boy, another Father/Son team of Clover and IDK (“I Don’t Know”), and talking shop with Big Tuna (different from the SOB/Waxhaw Big Tuna) about his line of work. Big League Chew (or “BLC”) has one of the best F3 names I’ve heard in a long time, and I have fond memories of chewing that gum as a kid. It was also great to meet the legendary “The Body” at Beer-eteria. Any guy that can drink a couple beers on a Saturday morning during Coffeteria has it figured out.  He’s also another Jersey guy living the dream in NC.

Having Mad Dog and Deadwood show up to not only support my Q but to lead portions of it made it even more special. The Waxhaw Pax stick together and we look forward to having more guys come up to support the Anniversary Convergence on 6/13/20.

As always, YHC’s 10 year old 2.0, Flash, had something to prove to the old men and crushed the workout. It’s always great spending that time with him and exposing him to great leaders and how important F3 is to men.

What made the biggest impact on me today, however, was getting to know our FNG named Jared, while we were running together during partner work.  Jared is 23 years old and told me his mom was at Veterans Park last week and saw the F3 crew working out. When she got home she told him he needs to see what it’s all about, so he spent 10-15 minutes with the Pax last week. Today, he showed up, fit right in, and worked hard.

What you need to know about Jared is what he shared with us during COT.  Jared said he was at a party a few years ago and was shot in the chest, with the bullet exiting his back. Only by the Grace of God, Jared survived after major trauma surgery, and has some nasty scars to prove it (as he showed us today). He said he is a believer who is living every day like it’s a gift.  He got a second chance at life, and will not waste it. He wants to own his own business(es) one day, and I know he can do it. That’s an amazing testimony and goal at such a young age.

Jared told me he currently works at a Coffee Shop in Charlotte, but that they are still closed due to COVID-19. He is now working at Target waiting for the shop to open back up. Very impressive that he isn’t feeling sorry for himself and waiting around, but making things happen. There are a lot of people his age who would rather sit at home and collect unemployment for eternity if they could. Not Jared.

Given his job in the coffee shop, the fact that he survived a gunshot and horrible event, and has been given a second chance at life that he intends to make the most of, Jared got the F3 name of “Double Shot”. When you meet Jared you can tell he is a special person, and will succeed in life. As older, wiser F3 leaders, we need to rally around guys like Double Shot, and help them however we can.

Like Dark Helmet stated in the F3 Nation “No Statement Necessary” statement, we will continue to make the same statement we have made for 10 years now. We are not “Virtue Signalers”. We are DOERS!

“A Statement is not needed, our leadership is what’s needed…we’ve got to figure out, in each of our spheres of influence, how we will step into the void that exists where leadership should be.”

Thank you, again, for allowing me to lead, fellas. I look forward to another workout at The Vet soon, and helping my brothers any way I can. God Bless!


  • F3 Mint Hill Anniversary Convergence on 6/13/20 at Veterans Memorial Park. Clown Cars of Waxhaw Pax will be there.
  • 100 Pax Challenge shared with the Mint Hill Pax

YHC took us out in Prayer.  #CradleToGrave


Today’s YouVersion verse of the day…yet another “coincidence” to most, but not to believers like Double Shot:

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” – Psalm 23:4


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