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100 Pax Challenge Progress Report

The 100 Pax Challenge Committee is excited to announce that we have raised thus far $7,830 via 53 Pax.  In addition, to what we have raised we are excited to announce that we have chosen the  3 recipients of the funds being raised by this challenge.  These groups were chosen not only for what they are focused on providing for our community for the opportunity that F3 Waxhaw has to formulate a long term partnership with to continue to give back to the local community.  In speaking with the various leaders of each of the opportunities, we are amazed at what each has been able to do thus far, and what they envision being able to do with further assistance both financially and via ongoing volunteer support.  So with that please read the brief recap of each below and check out the videos and/or website to see more about what they are working on.  Again the goal is to achieve 100 pax to accept the challenge and raise $10,000.  We are looking to complete this challenge by 6/30 and work with the below to disperse the funds immediately.

Ray of Hope  (Ray of Hope – Video Testimonial

The funds will go directly to assisting with keeping this community outreach pantry open and operating.  Due to COVID they have been directly impacted and have faced financial hardship with paying rent, utilities, etc.  These funds will be directly used to keep the doors open and allow for them to continue to serve on average 150 people a month that are within close proximity of downtown Waxhaw with limited/to no transportation available.  In addition to their immediate need, they provide opportunities for Pax to provide long term partnership opportunities – “Lunch in Box” feeding a child for ~$25/week and working with them to coordinate Christmas Party for local children.


Christ Closet (Christ Closet – Video Testimonial)

The funds will go directly to purchasing/outfitting a trailer that will be utilized as a mobile boutique for clothing giveaways.  The trailer will be designed and setup to allow for easy access and increased availability to provide clothing drives within necessary neighborhoods.  With the recent expansion of their new building this will continue to allow the ministry to reach others and provide opportunity to connect with individuals within their community.  We will have the opportunity to help with the loading/unloading of the trailer, participating in the on-site give away, and many other ways.


Rice n Beans (Rice N Beans Webpage)

The funds will be contributed to this ministry that has provided over 80,000 hot meals within Charlotte since 2011.  They continue to provide immediate both locally within Union County as well as the greater Charlotte area.  Long term they are looking to develop a sustained care programs to help individuals get off the streets and life skills.  Recently pax have had the opportunity to serve with the group and package meals and we have been in contact to find other ways to participate and assist.


Through the generosity of the 53 pax thus far who have gotten us so close to our goal, we ask: – Who’s Next?

Here are the options for donating via Venmo/Paypal

  • Venmo: @F3Waxhaw
  • Paypal:

If you would like to make contribution directly or have ability to receive corporate match please reach out to any of the 100 Pax committee members (Recalc, Bottlecap, Centerfold, Foundation, Mad Dog, Dancing Bear) and we will be able to assist.

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