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Ignition “A Tour of Lawson; And my Home”

Back around for another Q at Ignition. I’d like to think I’m getting better at these longer distance workouts. I believe it was my first time leading this one that we crushed through the weinke and made it back to COT with like 15mins left so we ended up running mini laps around the parking lot and doing exercises on the benches. Well not today! Turns out if you just run, A LOT, you’ll use up every second, log plenty of miles and the group barely complains because they can’t talk! So with that DICCS were given with extra “S” since we went off site to the better North side of Lawson.


Nice long mosey all the way to Five Forks pool parking lot and what is becoming another poop shed aka Glidah’s personal residence… More on that later.

(2 new exercises were presented during warm up which reveled many levels of coordination among the PAX)

SSH’s  What?! No SSH’s?

Boxer Lunges x 10 IC ( 1,2,3 punches while holding lunge position. Jump and switch legs as you hit the 4 count)

Rock back Merkins aka “Murder Merkins” via Was that Nails? – x 10 IC (1 down to six inches, 2 rock back to elbow plank, 3 back to six inches, push back up on count 4)

Mobility stretch


We’ve got a nice .5+ mile loop with 4 corners and two hills so utilized that for;

Build a Burpee Laps

Corner 1 – 10 merkins

Corner 2 – 10 In and Outs

Corner 3 – 10 Squats

Corner 4 – 10 Burpees

Rinse and repeat x 2 rounds Had the time so one more round opposite direction with same corners only this time got an extra bonus round of abs while we waited for Chastain to test the limits of Lennar’s plumbing system utilize the Rushing homestead lavatory. Thank you for following CDC protocol and leaving the half bath nicer than you found it.

Mosey back to Transporters shed and prep for a burpee mile.

Start – Australian burpee x 5

Half way up – Burpee x 5

End – Knee slap burpee x 5

Got in 3/4 worth and time!


I really enjoyed leading today. I didn’t realize our mileage until COT when Deflated confidently told me that was terrible and I guess all of that while 76 degrees, 176% humidity out and 5ish miles is pretty terrible so mission accomplished. I ended up getting cut off several times running with Ice 9 a lot of the morning and heard him dry heaving a couple times before it was all over so I’m checking that off as a win. And I’m still waiting to see at what point and what it will take for Tool Time to actually show signs of fatigue. You’re a machine dude! Keep it up and thanks for dragging my ass through the finish line at Swarm last Friday… Also big shout out to one of our newest brothers Mater! I believe this was his second time posting and logged about 5 miles and probably did 70+ burpees and was standing on his own will at COT! Awesome job! Big thanks to Goodfella for sticking with him and all the encouragement. Was glad to see Deadwood out this morning as well. I haven’t had any good sh*t talking in a while so that third burpee round was for you my friend : ) Just kidding not really. Always a good time with this group and look forward to the next one.


100 Pax challenge still needs funding. Approaching the $8k mark. 

Bring toiletry donations to Ackbar

YHC took us out and asked that we be mindful of our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. Show others that He is at work in your life. Look for opportunities to share that with others.

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