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The only thing we have to fear… humidity

Warm Up

SSH, Arm Circles, Low Slow Squat, Merkin, Peter Parker. 1 min mosey out, and 1 min back with even amount of carioca (correctly spelled, no joke!).

The Thang

Main theme was 45 seconds of an exercise doing AMRAP. At sound of the beep move on to the next exercise.

2 Rounds of 45s AMRAP:
– Superman (hold or pulse your call)
– Hollow body (aka Canoe?), essentially the opposite of superman
– Crab Cake
– Hip Thrust
– Side Plank left
– Side Plank right

With a heavy coupon, 3 Rounds of 45s AMRAP:
– Elf on the Shelf
– Thurster
– Bent Over Row

BLIMPS – 2 rounds:
5 Burpies
10 Lunges
15 Imperial Storm Kicker (felt like we’re doing the can-can)
20 Merkin
25 Plank Jack
30 Squats

2 Rounds of 45s AMRAP:
– Step Up
– Single Leg RDL
– Heels to Heaven
(hold coupon on 2nd round – I forgot to mention that on 1st round one somehow 😉 )

Finished with COT and seeking Q’s for coming weeks. Interest is strong, so it looks like we’ll keep this one going. Personally I’m happy to have Post one day a week from the convenience of my garage.


This time of year really sucks with the change in weather (so humid). But keep posting and you’ll get used to it (is what I keep telling myself). And of course, get hydrated well ahead of the workout. It’ll suck less as our bodies adjust.

On the good news front, my morning newspaper (yes I am old school) reported progress in Covid treatments and evidence they’re reducing fatalities even in high risk groups (over 80, obese, diabetes, etc). There’s plenty of work still, but also serious progress underway. I hope that message gets out and helps people with their anxieties.

Speaking of anxiety. In college I took several journalism classes. An important lesson was that emotions sell more papers, and get more views, than boring old facts. And fear is one of the most powerful motivators.

Fear is getting way too much influence these days in leading our decisions and behavior. I have faith that we will get through all of these challenges, and that despite what the news would have us believe, things aren’t as bad as it seems.  There is a lot more good news out there than bad. Unfortunately, good news doesn’t sell papers or get the views and clicks.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear the news, or just avoid it entirely.

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