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Smell What the Rock is Cookin’

DiCCS were given (Disclaimer, Cell phone, CPR, Safety)

Mosey up the hill to the 5 Stones entrance and back to the river rock

Warm-up: (5 Mins)

Each PAX grabbed an appropriate lifting stone

  • LSS x 15 IC
  • Held Out Front Arms Straight x 10 IC
  • Middle Stretch (Feel the BERN!)
  • Side Stretch Right (Feel the BERN!)
  • Side Stretch Right (Feel the BERN!)


The Thang:

  • A reverse Arm Ramp Ladder (20 mins)
  • Consisted of (10) Stone Curls followed by a Mosey to the third Light and back
  • We continued to count down by one with each sequence until we hit Zero
  • Mosey back to the six


  • Teamed 300 Press and Mosey (10 Minutes)
  • First Team member started what they could complete of the teams total 300 Curls
  • Another Team member ran around Mount Chiseled and back until the six was in


  • Teamed Bear crawl intervals up mount chiseled and back (10 Minutes)
  • Each team Member is doing part of a Bear Crawl
  • Each team Member is doing part of a Plank or Merkin of their choosing while waiting for their partner to return


  • Mozy back to the start
  • Full Sprint to the finish line!



3rd Official Q in the books! I want to thank my fellow PAX for the continued encouragement and support! It has been far too long in-between my Q’s and I am more motivated now than ever to get back in. I saw lots of great work out there today. Despite the humidity and extra running, there was little chatter and lots of hard work being put in. Shout out to Speed Bump keeping up with the Big Boys as a newly crowned 2nd grader! His first morning of summer break spent with us, Awesome! Also Shout out to Drumstick for answering the call for todays workout, hope to see you out again soon. We had a few mashers as well, all in all it was a great start to the day!



  • Continue to check Group Me for upcoming F2 events
  • Christs Closet: Install Session this Saturday @8am following the workouts
  • 100 PAX Challenge, please consider giving if you are able (also inquire about a company match)
  • Q School Coming up! See Chastain for details
  • F3 Dads Waxhaw starts up this Saturday, 9am, New Town Elementary.  Bring your 2.0s (boys and girls).  Juiceboxteria to follow with donuts.


  • Wolverine on Q tomorrow at Clyent Dinner!
  • TUCk on Q tomorrow at Pursuit!
  • DW on Q tomorrow at Floater!
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