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Border Patrol

Waxhaw Express and Pursuit meet up again, this time for a Border Patrol route thru Millbridge.  Not sure how many times exactly we went back and forth between NC and SC, but I assure you no illegal substances were transported across the border!

Diccs given, Let’s mosey for about 1 mile, stretched and away we go …

So 10 PAX showed up, 7 there to “Run” and that they did, up and down the hills of Millbridge, one especially large hill was quite fun.  The other 3 Pax came for the Waxhaw Express “Interval Training”.  It’s week 5 of 8 and fewer and fewer Waxhaw Express folks are showing up these days … hmmm.

Short BB, sorry, work is really getting in the way.

Don’t forget about PAX 100 for 100 and this Sat, 8 ish at Christ Closet to build shelves!  See you there!

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