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Committed to BLIMPS

It was a pleasant surprise to walk out of the house this morning and not have to swim through the humidity to my car. It’s never a fun feeling when you’re sweating before the workout even starts. This morning we had some perfect temps and 9 guys showed up to ruin that by getting hot and sweaty. DiCCS provided for FREE and away we go.


A quick mosey around the traffic circle and then a nice little warmup that included

  • 15 SSH IC
  • 10 Imperial Squawkers – Recalc wasn’t there, but I did those for him since he does think regular Walkers accomplish anything
  • 10 Potato Pickers
  • Walk it out into a calf stretch
  • 5 SLOOOOWW Merkins IC
  • Recover and a long mosey to the elementary school parking lot

The Thang

Using the 4 corners of the parking lot we did a little BLIMPS action with 20 of each exercise, moving to a new corner with each new exercise

B – Burpees
L – Lunges (10 each leg)
I – Imperial Walkers
M – Merkins (YHC may have forgotten these at first til I realized we were just doing BLIPS. Remedied that by doing BLIPMS)
P – Plankjacks
S – Squats

Everybody absolutely loved started with 20 burpees. Now that everyone was nice and winded it seemed like a good time to throw everyone a curveball with an F3 favorite: Repeato

Good times had by all. After round two I told JWow we were gonna have a little fun. With everyone waiting for instructions I dropped another Repeato. I had no intentions of actually making everyone do it, but with Dough Boy looking like he might take a swing at me, I quickly said “Just kidding, let’s mosey.”

Crossing the playground we headed over to the other parking lot, partnered up and lined up along the curb next to the school.

  • P1 – Run to the opposite curb and back
  • P2 – Do the following exercises
  • Swap each lap
    • 200 Derkins
    • 200 Bobby Hurleys
    • 200 Speed Skaters
    • 200 LBCs

Repeato! Ha! Jokes!

Instead, move 90 degrees to the left and line up along that curb for some 7s: Mike Tysons on the far side and Squats on the near.

12 minutes remaining mosey back the entrance road to Nesbit Park were the PAX met up with Paula Abdul: Counting the trees on the left, up two, 5 Dry Docks, back one, 5 Dry Docks until we got back to the Shovel Flag

3 minutes remaining we took a little mosey around the traffic circle and then alternated 2 Broad Jumps and 4 Bear Crawls until times up.


My goal the past couple of times I’ve been the Q was to get some decent mileage in (3.35 this morning) but not stretch it out over long distances. It keeps the PAX together and gives you more opportunity for mumblechatter (and conspiracy to mutiny). It was good seeing a few guys I don’t see as often. We even EHed a dude at the COT who was waiting on a friend to play some tennis. Explained that a lot of guys have tennis arms but there is hope.
Thanks to Rubbermaid for the invite. Welcome JWow as a new Site Q for Commitment.


  • F3 Dads summer kickoff started this morning at 9:00am. It’ll likely be a weekly Saturday event throughout the summer. Open to boys and girls, ages 3/4 and up.
  • Christ’s Closet work immediately following workouts this morning. PAX are building some shelves for the new building. By the time you’re reading this you probably missed it, but that’s OK, there are always more opportunities to help.
  • Q School and Site Q School are coming up the last two weeks of July. They’ll consist of an hour workout followed by coffeeteria/training.
    • If you’ve never been to Q School it’s time to take the next step of leadership training. You’ll learn the dos and don’ts for Qing a workout, including cadence counting, being on time, picking up the six, exercises that do/don’t work, etc.
    • If you’ve been a Q a few times, the next step is Site Q School. We have a few new AOs opening that will need Site Qs (preferably 2 each) and we also have some Site Qs that have been doing the job for a long time and may be looking to roll off. This is the next step in leadership for both yourself as well as helping to raise up other leaders.
    • If you have questions on either, talk to YHC: Chastain.
    • If you’re a Site Q already, start thinking about guys you think are ready to take the next step and start recommending they attend Site Q School

YHC took us out #cradletograve

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