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Let’s end the week with a Buzzzz…

It’s one thing to start the week leading a group of PAX to shake off the cobwebs from the weekend but a whole other ballgame to close out the week leading again and making sure whoever is left still gets their monies worth to kick start another weekend. I had the privilege of doing both this week and am proud to say I’m pretty sure everyone got their monies worth… DICCS given plus a nod to acknowledge the importance of hydrating during this time of year. Thanks Wolverine for the reminder.


Nice long mosey (.75) around the front of both campuses and finally circling up at the first traffic circle past the stadium.

Circle up
Pulse lunges x 15 ea
Rock back merkins hold ea position x 5
Calf stretch ea and something else…
Mosey back to pick a rock for .25 boulder run
All x 15 reps
Corner 1 shoulders
Rock press
Dry docks
Corner 2 triceps
Curb dips
Rock OH extension
Corner 3 abs
Flutters 2 is 1
Rock Am Hammers
Corner 4 legs
Speed skaters 2 is 1
Rock squats
Complete laps until the rock travels back to start.
Mosey to circle for 7s – Easy Button thank you for reminding me that 7 +1 does not equal 7…
6 burpees down to next circle for 1 squat
5   2…
1 burpee and 6 squats   Audible… at 6:30 so we’d have enough time to have some fun off road.
Said goodbye to Tool Time but he had already logged his 4+ miles because he’s a machine that can’t be stopped right now… I’m open to suggestions.
Mosey to trail entrance for AMRAP
Complete 1 trail lap and then
3 burpees
5 Mike Tyson’s
10 big boys
15 speed skaters
Until time


Due to delayed marketing We had smaller numbers this morning but that’s ok. We had a nice group that pushed hard and took each stage of this mornings beat down with a smile on their face. It was dark so they were probably cursing me under their breath but I couldn’t tell sooooo I assume smiles… Really enjoyed taking the path less traveled on the trails this morning and encourage other Q’s to do the same. Waxhaw Spartan Race anyone?


100 Pax challenge – Let’s finish this up!

Please keep brother Deadwood in your prayers as he lost his grandmother this week.

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