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What (the) F?

9 guys came out to Blackhawk on a beautiful morning to begin a great day if you are associated with F3.  You are likely familiar with the 3 F’s by now; Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.  But my question to you is WHAT F ARE YOU CURRENTLY IN AND/OR FOCUSED ON?

That’s right . . . Soapbox time!

As I mentioned at the top, this was a great and full day for F3 men in Waxhaw.

  • 1st F:  3 workouts to choose from
  • 2nd F:  F3 Dads in TWO locations (Newtown boot camp or Hooker Falls hike) and some coffeeteria after workouts
  • 3rd F:  Service opportunity at Christ’s Closet

All this activity got me thinking about the importance of each of the F’s.  It also got me thinking about which of the F’s I focus on.

  • “THE HOOK”:  If I’m honest, at times I focus too much on the 1st F; working out 6 days a week, squeezing in ClyentDinner, doing the Waxhaw Express, etc.  It is what gets me up in the morning and drives me to a healthy lifestyle which is not a bad thing but there is more to F3
  • “THE GLUE”:  There are certain times when I live for the 2nd F; lunches, happy hours, Coffeeterias, EFFEEs, banter in the Playhouse, etc.  This has given me some much needed comic relief, unbelievable friendships and even created business opportunities but there is more to F3
  • “THE DYNAMITE”:  I am starting to better understand why this F has an explosion-type effect.  Through service projects and Bible study groups, my relationships with some of you have grown tremendously.  But more importantly, my relationships with my wife, my kids, and my neighbors have gotten a lot better.  If you re-read that last sentence, you might be thinking, “why would THOSE relationships benefit from me spending time with F3 guys?”  That is the mystery.  But I will admit, as I started serving and focusing on others more than myself, I get a clearer picture of how I can serve those in my family/close circle even better as well.

So my original question was WHAT F ARE YOU CURRENTLY IN AND/OR FOCUSED ON?  If you are just a 1st F guy, get more involved and look for opportunities in 2nd F.  If you are in the 2nd F mode, time to get more vulnerable and honest with a couple guys and start doing some 3rd F stuff.  You might will be surprised at how much different your outlook on life will change.


We did a lot of rock work and then did a little bit more rock work.  Finished with the Have a Nice Day exercise.  THE END!

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