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DiCCS given (1o sec before start, yikes!)

The Thang

Mosey to new Lawson Pool for some stretching (SSH, Smurf jacks, Imperial Squawkers, LSS, Mtn Climbers, Calf stretch)

Biggest longest hill first, 10 Hand release merkins Bottom (B) of hill & 10 Mary Catherines at top (T), rinse repeat 3x

Next street/easy hill, 20 Pistol LBC B / 10 Mike Tyson’s T, rinse repeat 3x

Next street decent hill, 10 Scorpion drydocks T /10 Monkey humpers B, rinse repeat 3x

Walking Lunge squat, 40 yards (as a recovery or until chatter returned)

Papaw Lane, great hill, short run, 10 Dorothy hurleys B / 20 Speed skaters T,  rinse repeat 3x

Head back for COT, End with some Mary!


Goal was to stay busy, bust out some hills and body exercises.  Never really did catch my breath, or if I did it was during 6″ planks and merkins of some variation.  Hope others felt that way too:)

Beautiful weather, 64 degrees, and all PAX got their money’s worth.  Special guest Gaylord did twice the work with his face protection, good grief how did he do that?!?

I’m totally blown away by how much faster and stronger the PAX are this summer!  Proof that we are better together.  Thank you all for allowing me to lead you this morning for the workout and prayer!  Your the brothers I never had … thanks guys!


Spartan Race, Saturday, 6/27, 7am (arrive 15 min early), park near bus lot of CHS/CMS and meet up by restroom (Rudy’s PP, Transporters Shed).  BRING COUPON – some extra will be provided.

100 For 100 PAX Challenge on going!

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