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Double Tap (Asylum and Q Source BB)

Five, no six, no make that 7 guys came out to Asylum this beautiful morning.  While we launched with 5, we finished with 7.  I was doing some GroupMe marketing for my Q Source Q on Sunday afternoon when I received a text from Damascus saying he was in a pinch and needed a Q for Asylum; No Problem, I will perform my first two Q’s in a day (Deadwood is jealous now – I can hear phones already pinging at Floater and Clyent Dinner).

Hence forth to be referred to as double tap instead of double q (which has a much different meaning in zombie movies), here is back-to-back backblasts for Asylum and Q Source (You won’t run out of reading material on the john today).

Beautiful morning – DICCS given (More on that later in the Q Source BB).  Lets Go!  Wait on shop to get out of his car, ok now lets go!


Mosey to rock pile where I stole borrowed from both Nails and Smokey.  Rocks to warm up?  Why yes, yes indeed.

  • 40’s Curls.  10 regular, 10 bottom half, 10 top half, 10 regular.
  • Use rock for Jimmy Duggan Center, right, left.
  • 30 tricep extensions followed by 30 curb dips.
  • 30 Chest Press, Run 50 yards for 15 Merkins.  Repeat for three rounds (chest feeling extra tight after this one and a repeat from a recent Chiseled).

Rocks up and form a line for lunge walk Indian run.  Went approximately 50 yards before I called it and we mosey’ed to Pet Smart.



Progressive 4 5 Corners with Deconstructive Burpees.  Doing exercises on the out 1 round at a time and coming back to the start (burpees).

  • Corner 1: 5 Burpees
  • Corner 2: 10 Squats
  • Corner 3: 15 Merkins
  • Corner 4: 20 In/Outs
  • Corner 5: 25 Bobby Hurley’s


Grab shopping cart corral railing for Supine Ladders 10 to 1.  Finished with a 10 second hold.

(Check watch, 10 minutes left).  Lets go to Hickory Tavern like we always do and so something there to close out.  Lets line up on the curb of pet smart to repeat a previous Q.  Parking Space Suicides.  20 T Delts on the in and 5 Dry Docks on the out.  Shop Dawg with the obvious quote “Oh, is today shoulders day?”.

2 minutes left.  Jail Break to Hickory Tavern.  Then final Jailbreak to COT with Clydesdales getting a 5 second head start.  Burpees for everyone if a Gazelle beats a Clydesdale – and one did.  So we did 1 burpee as we already hit 6:45.



  • Posse trying out the broken toe for the first time today.  I expected to see him in the back of the pack but he beat me on a couple of the runs.  I still don’t understand how you don’t run for 6 weeks and then come right back out to push to the front like he did.  Mind over Matter I guess.
  • Shop Dawg still chugging along trying to prove a point.  We talked about it today in Q Source – you can’t give away what you don’t possess; and Shop has taken on a new attitude this year blazing past the Clydesdales into Gazelle territory in an effort to walk the walk.  Great job and leadership.
  • Blue Screen arrived 2 minutes late, but it took him 11 minutes to find us so he enjoyed a nice 32 minute workout today.
  • Loafer attempted to EH someone, but the times tripped him up and he couldn’t make it.  Plenty of more opportunities to get him out Loafer!  Hopefully he wont spill merlot like your son.
  • TB getting in his morning walk joined us afterwards for Q Source.
  • Swimmers left us all behind much of the morning with a short SOS call from home being the only thing to slow him down briefly.
  • To no one’s surprise, Damascus showed up at the wrong site to Mash and quickly high tailed it over to Cuthbertson only to return back to Brooklyn Pizza later for Q Source.  (Thanks for asking me to lead).


  • Shop thanked everyone for all the help this weekend in getting shelving built for the new Christ Closet Building.
  • Prayers for Loafers Dad who is struggling with three huge health set backs.  A stroke last year.  Pneumonia this year which then caused him to contract COVID.  Prayers for him.




Thanks to those that attended.  Today we discussed Positive Habit Transfer, but before we jumped in, we finished on Shops homework from last week. Identifying your dolphin (unique gift or skill) and daffodil (the people are drawn to help) in order to help you better answer the question: What ultimate life problem are you uniquely qualified to solve?  That last question hit me like a load of bricks when I heard it last year at Q source.  Up until then I had dabbled in Q source.  Attending a couple times, but not a regular.  But when asked a life changing question that I couldn’t answer, I felt it was time to take Q source more seriously.  To attend more, listen deeper, get vulnerable, and ask questions.  To make it a positive habit that would eventually turn into a brick for me.  After assembling a few of these bricks together, now I’m developing a guardrail to keep me on the road and out of the ditch.  (If any of this sounds foreign, like another part of the secret F3 language you’ve never heard, and it interest you –  please join us.  Mondays at Brooklyn Pizza or Fridays at Cuthbertson.  There is a lot to be learned from F3 and like Bottle Cap said in his Saturday back blast, if all you are getting is the first F, you are missing out.  We have a free (virtuous) leadership course at our disposal that corporations would pay thousands of dollars for their employees to attend….again FOR FREE.)

And in case that wasn’t enough soap box for you, I will share this last thing.  We discussed today this passage: Through Positive Habit Transfer we stand on the shoulders of giants.  The example was given that a flight check list was developed to correct deadly mistakes other pilots had made.  That example didn’t resonate with me so I attempted to shift it to driving as an example: seat belts, turn signals, ect.  And much like Shop does at Q Source, he hit me with a sledge hammer out of left field when he took it even closer to home.  DICCS.  F3 has developed its pre-launch safety message because we have had brothers to die while working out.  We ask that at least one cell phone be carried with you at the workout so that if someone was to drop 2 miles from the cars, it wouldn’t take 15 minutes for someone to run get their phone and call for help.  We ask for head lamps, reflective gear, and caution while crossing the street because we have had a FIA member die while crossing in a crosswalk.   We often gloss over DICCS, who has a cell phone, who knows CPR, and other site safety elements; but remember we do it for a reason.  Positive Habit Transfer.  We stand on the shoulders of giants.

For those that made it this far, thank you.  I’m sorry if it was too much soap box.  I’ve tried to be better about limiting those moments.  Come join us at Q Source sometime.  And stay safe out there.

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