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Stress, Workout & Stay Motivated

A good recharge this weekend with some of the fellas you all know from Briarcrest. No phone. A ton of much needed laughs. Lots of lite conversations and some heavy discussions. We are wearing new levels of stress these days, make sure you are taking care of your mental. Posting helps with the physical but more to it than that….

Damascus pinged me yesterday late into the day about a backup Q due to injury and I was happy to take it. Saw Waxhaw Express’s post and decided to steal a few pages of the playbook. Also wanted to go for the planking Guinness Book of World Records. What’s the most it could be? 11 maybe 12 minutes tops, amirite?

DiCCS given for my 44th Q.


Nice long mosey down around back of school, around the front of the school and back to circle up at flag pole for:

30 x SSH IC

10 x Imperial Walker IC

Jimmy Dugan

Calf Stretch

Mosey to neighborhood. 1/4mi repeats. Run 1st 1/4mi at 5k pace and next 1/4mi at recovery pace. Repeat 4 times. Circle back for the 6 on the recovery. Quick way to get to 3mi in the first 23 minutes of the workout!

Mosey to basketball court. Reverse webb time. 10 x MTs. 40 x American knockouts. 60sec elbow plank between each round. Made it 4 rounds minus the plank for the last round due to time. Based on the whining everyone was pleased with this…

Mosey back to start.


Great work by everyone that attended. Currently slammed with work or I would have wrote something more meaningful about the workout. A lot of heavy stuff going on in the world and I hope everyone is hanging in there.

Posting is helping with my restless mind in the evenings and breaking up the stress of the day. Keep your heads up and go forward fellas. Reach out for a beer and a chat anytime. About nothing or something heavy. I’m available.

Lastly, 3 points:

#1 still a lot going on in the world outside of our personal views. Talked to a lot of friends and family recently about how to educate ourselves. Please watch the following docs but please be prepared to be freaking shocked. I absolutely don’t remember learning any of these things when I was growing up and it seems for very specific reasons. I’ve watched a couple others and working through a checklist I found. I highly recommend watching the following:

• Thirteenth – Netflix

• When They See Us – Netflix

• I Am Not Your Negro – Amazon Prime

#2 Still struggling with everything associated with the term Black Lives Matter? Watch this because it’s 90 seconds long and hard to argue with:

#3 NAACP Unity Rally this Saturday in our home of Union County, Monroe. We gotta keep the momentum and it’s important moments like this. Bring your friends, family, neighbors, etc. We heard from several leaders in our group of pax how great it was to be there at the BLM meetup in downtown Waxhaw. Be a part of it! Ping me with questions. Meet up at 830am. March at 9am. Only about a 20min drive to Monroe. 2 stops. 15 minute walk. Becoming part of the solution. Memories of making a difference in your communities lives.

Thank you Damascus for taking us out.


• Q School coming soon…. see Chastain for details!

• Chiseled and Dromedary tomorrow!

• Grand opening of the Body Shop Thursday @ 6AM

• 100 PAX Challenge is close to completing its goal! Check out Foundations BBs for more details!

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