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Grand Opening – THE BODY SHOP

25 guys showed up to get their oil changed the grand opening of the BODY SHOP (Bootcamp at Rea View Elementary on Thursdays from 0600-0645).  YHC arrived early and got lots of PAX help gathering some rocks for transport to the main garage.

DCCS given

  • Disclaimer (not a professional mechanic, modify as needed, not wanted)
  • Cell phone (who is going to carry once Goodfella has his 9th kid?)
  • CPR (a couple customers looked all too happy to pucker up)
  • Safety (watch the random tools laying around . . . And for cars speeding into the garage parking lot)


  • SSH, Merkin variations, PP, MC, Imperial Squawkers


  • Partner up . . . 1 customer and 1 mechanic
  • Customer runs up and down the hill 3 times
  • Mechanic does exercises until customer complains enough returns
    • Tirechanger (NEW EXERCISE): Low squat with rock, push rock out, turn rock clockwise/counter, and then stand up
      • Repeat 10 times
    • Overhead press with rock:  Repeat 10 times
  • Do this four times for all 4 tires


  • First with no rock:  1 x Derkin on curb, bunny hop across parking lot, 4 Dips on curb
    • Repeat until 10 Derkins and 40 Dips
  • Second with rock:  10 x squat straight arm front raise, move to back for 40 checks of the oil chest press
    • Repeat descending until 1 front raise and 4 chest press

Mary to almost finish out . . . End with the Have a nice Day (30 seconds of awkward silence)

Unlike a real body shop, THIS Body Shop finished on time except for the 12 minutes of announcements


  • Body Shop is F3 Waxhaw’s 18th official workout (you know Bushwood is jealous of that number) . . . Spread the word to your friends during upcoming Zoom calls BBQs
  • Well done and a big THANKS to the Site Qs: Centerfold, Boitano, and Das Boot . . . Not only did they build a great ShovelFlag (with a Tire Iron), they got to the site early to help with rocks/direct traffic, stayed with the 6 during the workout, and then stayed late to help clean up the rocks garage bays
  • Great job by the MASH unit (Centerfold, Ditka, Damascus, and Riddler) . . . It is very important to stay engaged with your F3 brothers and this is a great way to do it.  Bring a cinder block and get to sweatin’ and enjoy the gloom with your bros again.  No excuses.  Reach out to Centerfold to find out where they are meeting DAILY
  • Nice work by Kenobi showing up for the second week in a row . . . Apparently the staff treated him well enough the first week
  • Great meeting Fruit Loop and Prohibition . . . And awesome to have Midriff and Chopper show up again
  • Thanks to all the “Waxhaw Regulars” who made a special trip to help launch this site . . . It doesn’t go unnoticed


  • Growth is F3 is good.  Guys stepping up to lead is the goal.  This group is not run by anybody.  We all need to pitch in.  Get out of your comfort zone and jump into the next F . . . Read this link if you want to understand more What (the) F?
  • Save the Date:
    • Saturday July 25th:  Q School – If you have Q’d 3 or less times, you should attend.  This will be a morning workout with some helpful hints/ideas/truths about leading an F3 workout . . . If you have been to a bad workout, you KNOW that there is a difference between a good Q and a bad Q . . . Don’t be THAT guy . . . Take it seriously and attend.  You will be glad you did.
    • Saturday July 18th:  Site Q School – An opportunity for those who have been around 4+ months, have been to Q school, had multiple Qs, and want to take the next step of helping out and potentially being responsible for a Site.  What does a Site Q even do?  It’s not a very time-intensive role but there are several important things you need to know to be successful and make sure your site is welcoming and growing
  • BODY SHOP:  Name comes from our first exploratory workout a few weeks ago when the PAX in attendance, after COT, changed a flat tire on one of the school workers’ cars.  Simple, yet great opportunity to serve.  And always better to serve alongside brothers than alone.

YHC took us out with a prayer of hopefulness . . . That this AO and these men would be used in a mighty way to reach lost men

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