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Piece of Cake …

Is what I thought today ‘s training would be … but I might as well forget about their being any “easy” interval days.

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s mosey … about 1 mile, switched into some “Bratwurst” warm-up drills (have to be there).

Everyone ready?  Hit start on Garmin and we are on our way, we started much faster than we actually ended up, hard to manage that initial starting line adrenaline.  Today’s workout was pretty basic and I thought would be very manageable.  We ran for 10 min at T pace (about 1 min/mile slower than your 1 mile race pace).  After 10 min, we get a 2 min recovery.  Repeat 3 times.  The first two rounds were not that bad, but man did the third round suck.  Leave it to Bratwurst to figure out each and every week how to “break” us with some new workout.


We all took turns leading and pulling each other along when needed.   Ice 9 was always close by, all I had to do was listen for him, this dude pushes so hard the wheels nearly come off!  Rubbermaid was also grinding away, everytime I turn-around the dude is there.  Waxhaw Express guys posted 6:35 avg pace!  Today was no joke, good push by everyone!


F3 Spartan Race June 27, Fourth of July 4 miler race Uptown, 100 PAX Challenge

Thanks for taking us out Bratwurst!  Good message.

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