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Clyent Dinner – Stadium Style


DiCCS given.

Mosey around Middle School parking lot.  Return for some stretching (SSH, Imperial Walkers, MNC, Mtn Climbers, Calf Stretch).

The Thang

Mosey to high school back parking lot.  Learned from my VQ and decided to simplify things a bit with some fun.  Ran the 4 corners of H2H, Sp Skaters, Hurleys, Big Boys – 25 each spot then return to middle for 2 burpees. Each corner was named Beuhrle, Contreras, Garcia, and Garland.  Any who could state the significance of these names won 5 burpees to give to any Pax.  Completed the round, then rinsed and repeated for 20 each.

We then formed two lines and executed the Merkin-Mosey in the same fashion as an Indian Run.  Was a pretty long way back I have to admit.  Still 10 minutes left and back at the COT.  Repeated the 4 corners but only 15 each.  No one guessed the trivia, so I had to spoon feed many hints – very disappointed.  Still 4 minutes left.  Jogged and sprinted the parking lot and returned with 10 seconds to spare.


It was good to see three 2.0’s out.  It was also Zin’s first opportunity to meet the second half of the Wet Bandits as Drumstick made his Clyent Dinner debut.  Thanks for kind words afterwards by everyone.


F3 Spartan Race June 27, Fourth of July 4 miler race Uptown, 100 PAX Challenge, and something new to look forward to…???

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