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Swarm Backblast

Handed the DICCS out and off we went.

Mosey around the front of the High School and around to the football stadium for warm up.

Warm up

20 x SSH

20 imperial walkers

20 x Mountain Climbers

Calf stretches, back stretch, jimmy Dugan….variety of old man stretches.

The Thang

Mosey to the island between the football stadium and high school and grab a lifting rock.

Round 1: lap around the island

Round 2: 20 curls with lifting rock, lap around island

Round 3: 20 curls with lifting rock, 20 mike Tysons, finish lap around island

Round 4: 20 curls with lifting rock, 20 mike Tysons, 20 derkins, finish lap around island

Round 5: 20 curls with lifting rock, 20 mike Tysons, 20 derkins, 20 step ups 2 is 1, finish lap around island

Round 6: 20 curls with lifting rock, 20 mike Tysons, 20 derkins, 20 step ups 2 is 1, 20 bomb jacks, finish lap around island

Mosey over to track only to discover that the gate is open. Just a hunch, but I imagine any upcoming Waxhaw express Q’s will now be located at the track.  We will just use the bleachers today though.

Round 1: up and down the steps across the length of the bleachers stopping at the bottom every other time for 20 dips.

Round 2: up and down back across the bleachers.  5 merkins every time you reach the top and 5 jump squats every time you reach the bottom.

Mosey over to road that leads in front of the high school.  Stop at every light alternating 5 t-merkins and 10 speedskaters each time.  Made it to the front of the middle school before we called recover and moseyed back to COT.

The Moleskin

Thanks to a great group of guys who joined me way too early this morning to run around the school grounds.  Mike Tyson’s and Derkin’s back to back was a dumb idea but I think everyone was too tired to complain about it.

The Waxhaw Express crew was doing what they normally do and make all things look easy.  Bottlecap and Tool Time set the pace and were way out in front of everybody.  Recalculating is currently reviewing the film on your curls though and I am worried that he is not going to let those count.  Dasher and Gerber, who did their exercises correctly were still not far behind you.

Down Pour and Sprinkles were spending some quality father/son time together today before college starts.  Cats in the cradle style.

Fuse Box made it out to swarm and is starting his transformation into a gazelle.  I expect we will start seeing you at ignition on Monday’s as well.

Zinfandel is still recovering from all the bad things he did to his body on his fishing trip but showed up nonetheless and improved.

LRC was a man down today but that didn’t stop them from making it a tandem workout today.  And if you have not seen the before and after pictures of Smithers please take time to look at them.  It’s amazing!

Premature is already in gazelle territory.  The guy is putting in the time at the hour-long workouts and it is showing.  Keep it up dude, it’s not going unnoticed.


  • Next Saturday is the Waxhaw Spartan Race at Cuthbertson.  Open to all Pax and 2.0s friendlyish. Cofferteria afterwards.  Sign up on GroupMe.
  • APB is out for Carb Load who was a no show.
  • Next Friday the 26th.  Graduation at Cuthbertson.  Q’s should stay away from the high school next Friday. Site Q’s please remind them.
  • F3 dad’s. Every Saturday at 9:00am at New Town Elementary. Bring your 2.0’s.
  • Q source. Friday’s and Monday’s after the workouts.
  • 4th of July party at 069’s house.  The party starts on July 4th and ends TBD.  Start apologizing to your M now.
  • Saturday 6/20 at 9:00am is a BLM march in downtown Monroe.  Meet up at 8:30am and march at 9:00am.  Should be at 15 to 20-minute walk.  M and 2.0 Friendly. Come out and support your local community.
  • Welcome Denis Kurudimov – (Schizo) to the group.  Glad to have you!


Thanks Shop dog for talking us out!

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