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“Is This Loud Enough?!!”

Via email from High Hat:


DICCS out got the fun started with I nice 1/2 mile Mosey to the entrance of 5 Stones then to the Warm-UP
25 SSH
25 Squats
25 Merkins
25 Big Boys
20 Mtn Climbers

Thing (2parts) Asked thte PAX to partner up and get married to a rock, both will be with you the entire AM.

Part1 Rock n Mosey
1 partner mosey to keep clock, other partner dances with Rock
Dance Moves
Keetle Swings

Part2 Climb Mt Chilsed
1 partner Climbs Mt Chilsed w/Rock to keep clock, other partner dances with Rock
Dance Moves
Man Makers
Big Boy
COT out
Saturday 6/27, 7am Spartan Course, come get some..
Out with Prayer, Please God give everyone compassion and understanding, THE WORLD NEEDS..
Always a Pleasure, God Bless..
Fuse Box additions:
  • No one can ever accuse High Hat of being quiet or not projecting.  I think both Champion Forest and Lawson heard his cadence counting in the opening warm up.
  • I had asked him a few times to come lead us at Chiseled and had always been met with a no.  Much to my surprise, when I saw he put himself our there to Q, I contacted him right away.
  • A great workout.  Thanks High Hat.
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