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Oh Right I’m on Q

Big numbers for a Monday 24 in total- must have been the over indulgence of Father’s Day.  It’s always good to have a seasoned Site-Q like Rockwell to make sure you’r ready to go.  Big Shout out to Wedding Singer making a return trip from out West.  He looks to be in shape so must be laying off the edibles and munchies….

DCCS (although I kind of missed the FNG – so note to keep on the look out)

Mosey to front of middle school to start – Standard SSH, Merkin, MTN Climb, Dougan, squat

Off to the line of buses – start at first bus and do 5 merkins – run to furthest bus and do 5 Bobby Hurleys.  run back and forth reducing by one each way with the same sequence – 5 merkins at top and 5 BH’s at bottom.

Mosey to the middle school cafe tables: 15/20/25 – 3 exercises derkins,dips and step ups

Mosey to the parking spaces just past Rudy’s Poop Palace – everyone grab their own parking space. slide merkins at top of space, bear crawl side, slide merkins bottom of space, bear crawl other side – total of 3 laps around your space – this was tough on the shoulders.

Mosey to the circle by the football field.  run down to the bottom circle 15 SSH – run past circle to benches and 15 pistol LBC’s — for 2 laps total.

Mosey on to HS lot and begin trail back to COT.  Alternate at every light: 10 walking lunges and 5 hand release merkins.

on time at COT

Lots of semi-new faces and a strong showing for a monday after father’s day.  Everyone pushed themselves today as the six was never far behind – so good work all around.

besides the long timers – and you know who you are – good work by some of the folks that I may not be all that familiar with: Wax, Tiny Teen, Baklava, Fruit Loops, Matar and Noonan – keep it up and keep showing up.

welcom Eli aka “Cookie”  Eli does some underwater welding work so from Men of Honor – Cuba Gooding Jr’s name was “Cookie” -not half bad Pax – nice name

Announcements –

100 PAX challenge @8K

Keep eyes open for raffle of a super cool custom Lazy Boy  – more to come

Impromptu Friday – monitoring CHS graduation via the airwaves to see if this will have an impact on our morning workout – if you hear anything let me know

Saturday – Spartan Race-

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