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The Cinder Block Rock!

We couldn’t use any gear so I decided to use the cinder blocks! 19 brave men came our for lots of heavy lifting and running (the bear crawl was for Doughboy). We also would like to welcome Big House to F3 Waxhaw! I do have to say, the workout looked a ton easier on paper than it was in reality. Based on the chatter, I didn’t make too many friends today.

The Warm Up – After diccs were given we did a quick mosey around Mt. Chiseled and a quick look at the location of the beatings to come. Took a quick mosey down to pick up cinder blocks for the guys who needed one. Warm up included:

  • 15 SSh
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Merkin
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • Calf Stretch
  • Jimmy Dugan

We proceeded to Mt. Chiseled with our cinder blocks over head and did lunges and also what I call “Frankenstein” to the base of Mt. Chiseled.

The Thang – Partner up. Partner 1 does the exercise while partner 2 bear crawls up to the top of Mt. Chiseled and runs over to the other side to perform 10 Bomb Jacks. Run back over to the other side to relieve your partner. Partner 1 started with Burpie Press – 100 of them as a team! That hurts! The next exercise was 200 curls (might have to call an audible!) followed by 100 Rows – bent over or upright. Top that one off (arms now really hurting) with 100 Keddle Block Swings closing off the workout with the Chest Press with the blocks. After running out of time we circled up for our finish.

The Moleskine – That was a tough one but I appreciate Fuse giving me the opportunity to be able to lead such a great group of guys. All of you are really fantastic and I appreciate the support of all. We did have one FNG today and because he likes Ohio State, he was giving the name Big House. Welcome Big House.

Announcements – Fuse is looking for help at Five Stones Church for today, Thursday and Friday of this week. Please Contact Fuse Box for more information. Posse spoke about the Spartan Race this Saturday! 100 PAX Challenge – We still need more support – Let’s donate now! Tickets are being sold for a raffle to win a Lazy Boy Chair. Friday is graduation at CHS and it might impact the morning workout at Cutherbertson, be on the lookout.

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