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SOB Invades Pursuit

Last time I attempted the 521 challenge was about 1 year ago, Frasier (from SOB) was on Q and it was no problem for him

I thoughts this morning’s rain would hold back some PAX, but we had an influx of SOB guys that kept our Pursuit numbers up.  Have to say, I did feel a little out numbered, but was glad to see them join us.

Diccs given and Bratwurst offered up mini maps to anyone unfamiliar with the route, nice touch Bratwurst!

Todays goal was to run to 521 and back with in our 1 hour time, cutting thru the neighborhoods, experienced plenty of hills along the way.  Along the route we worked in the Freedom to 5K training plan (most of it anyway).  Warm-up, then 20 min at T-pace and 4 – 200’s (which did not happen)!  Over half the PAX made it to 521 and the others were very close, so great effort by all!  We made it back to COT right on time, well except Endo, he made it back during COT.  We knew he was right behind us.  I tried to get PAX to make a tunnel for him upon arrival

Tiger Rag left some left kneecap skin on the concrete islands at the round about, guess he glanced at his watch for a second and that’s all it took to go down, but he came right back up and ready to go quickly.  We may not see TR in UC for a while

Near the end, we connected with Transporter and a new FNG he brought, now known as “Animal”.


There will be a 5k charity race in Ballantyne.  Hit up Kirby on Slack for details if your interested.  It will be a couple weeks after July 4 weekend.

100 PAX Challenge on-going, charities selected, hit up Posse for details.

Thanks for taking us out Bratwurst.


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