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The Cherry Picker

Coming back from Charleston being away for two years and finally dipped my feet into Q’ing again thanks to a Rugby punt to the ass by Rockwell.  Always kicking it up a notch!

Warmup time:

Started with 20 x Side Straddle Hops

Then 10 x Imperial Walkers

5 x Slow Count Merkins

5 x normal pace Merkins

5 x slow count Mountain Climbers focusing on stretching.

5 x normal pace mountain climbers.

A little mosey around the parking lot to warm up some more, intertwined with butt kicks, side running lunges, and the start of the dreaded overhead clap.  Little did the PAX know that I was smiling inside knowing what was about to destroy their upper body/shoulder.  #stillhurtat3pm

Focusing on destroying our legs and getting faster we focused on the killer sprint and squat combo that I have learned to love.  Mix in some David Goggins and releasing your mind to overcome and not think about pain, I think we managed The Thang pretty good..    hahah

Da’ Thang:

Broke up into 5 groups of 4-5 PAX to acquire spacing in between and so we don’t touch each others pretty faces.  #COVIDBSTHANG

4 x Rounds of the Following:

1 x Sprint down the entire double wide sidewalk

1 x 50 Air Squats

1 x Merkin position while waiting for 6 to finish.

(Q to motivate and push you hard)

After complete, a slow mosey around the school to the picnic tables.  Little did the PAX now that Cherry’s were there favorite fruit.  #diabolicallaugh  Partnered up and the fun began.

3 x rounds of the following:

1 x Partner Assisted 25 Shoulder Presses

20, 25, 30 x Overhead Clamps

Cherry Pickers until the Q had to stop.

25, 30, 35 x Seal Claps

25 x Dip OYO

So with 6 minutes to spare, I didn’t have the time for the Mighty “Mucho Chesto” but I can save that for another day.

We moseyed down to the start of the “doublewide” sidewalk and jail breaked to COT via a backward run….focus on those hamstrings!!  At this point I wish we had some burpee time, but as always….there is more room for next time.

My hammy’s were on fire at this point and I don’t think there was a dry shirt in the group today.  Can’t hurt me……Mind over Body…….

COT:  Don’t forget Q School slots coming up soon….July 25th.  Site Q school……July 18th.  Good leadership opportunity!!

After COT performance……  F3 Charleston always says the Pledge of Allegiance after their workouts… I brought that into play for all those who were interested in joining in.

Stay hard!!  Heisman Out!

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