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Anything But Bomb Jacks

DICCS- Cpr, Cell Phone, Modify as needed, social distancing and do not sue ect….

Warm Up– Mosey to flag pole and circle up

10 – low slow squats

15 – Imperial Squawkers- ( chickens cannot count this properly- sorry boys)

10- Diamond merkins

5- low slow merkins

plank/elbow plank / plank right arm high- right leg high 10 seconds

plank/elbow plank/plank left arm high- left leg high 10 seconds

calve stretch

Mosey down and up by road stopping at each corner for a either 10 bomb jacks or 10 jump squats.

The Thang

2 groups for Indian style run around parking lot down road in front of school to back of school near the track. The guy in the back will do 3 bomb jacks and sprint to the frontĀ  This got modified to 3 merkins.

Grab some wall for some fun

15- donkey kicks and hold last kick in upward position for 10 seconds- 3 decline merkins ( rinse repeat 2 more times) HORRIBLE IDEA–

get on track for partner work

P 1 runs 1/3 of the track and completes 5 dry docks and relieve partner. But if P2 Finishes a exercise before P 1 gets back he holds plank until partner gets back–Both partners will run a lap together before moving on to next exercise

200 – LBCS

100- pistol LBCS

75- Big Boys

75- Heels to heaven

Mosey to B-ball courts

Bear crawl base line to base line and when at opposite base line

20- Pistol LBCS

10- Big Boys

20- Pistol LBCS

30- LBCS

Mosey back to COT Indian run style with 3 merkins in the back


As always it was a great day with the PAX and leading this group of men. The PAX covered some ground today and got in a little ab work while doing so. I guess when someone says can we do we anything but bomb jacks that’s what they mean… I was running and I hear a voice in the crowd saying can we do something besides bomb jacks cause it hurts my knee and “I ask like what” at this time the crowd turns rowdy and two more people pile on and say ANYTHING- means ANYTHING… modify boys we will now do merkins instead GEEZ!!!! yikes…calm down bros…


Q school -July 25th ( if you have qed less than 3 times)

Site Q school- July 18th ( who is ready to step up)

Blood drive – Fuse is trying to get a count and we need at least 20 people before Red Cross will even talk with him. This is apart of what F3 is doing trying to get 10,000 pints of blood so sign up as interested on the news channel.

Mayhem – Arnold Foundation Sept 5th- 12th heading down to Panama City Florida to help in community with sheet rocking- If interested reach out to him they will be takingĀ  van and supplies down to help the local community

CenterFold- we have around $8,000 for 100 pax challenge– still need more money before raffle




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