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Brutal Sweat Pit

Via Tool Time (for his VQ):

Had the honor to VQ today thanks to @Glidah, @Fusebox, and @Brutus for
marketing such a large group.  What better way to have your first VQ then with such a
big group!

Warm up time:
Started with a light mosey to warm the body up.
20 x Side Straddle Hops
Then 20 x Imperial Walkers
Then 20 x Toy soldiers
Then Calf stretch
Followed by Back stretch
Following our lite warm up we would mosey to our first stage out of 3 stages, on the
way to Stage one the heat started with @Brutus and @Glidah talking smack about
my counting, sure we may have missed 1,2,3 a few times but we got the job done.
Continuing our Mosey @Brutus kept talking so I decided we had to pick up the
pace/workout reps to keep him quiet. 😉

And the sweat begins:
Each PAX grabbed a medium weight rock (what a medium weight rock now I think to
5 x sets of the Following: Working from 10 reps each down to 5
Each set consisted of 10x Curls, 10x shoulder press, 10x triceps (working each round
down from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5)
Each set was followed with a faster than jog pace up and down the Five Stones
entrance (if I had to guess a ¼ mile maybe)

After complete, rocks were put back in the rock pile and a “slow mosey” (@Ice9
doesn’t know what slow is so we moved at a good pace to the next stage).  The next
stage (Stage 2) was at the backside corner lot of the church/school.  Each of the
PAX would start at one side of the parking spacing working head on to the next
parking space.
3 x sets of the Following:
30 x squats
The PAX would then move to the opposite parking spot doing a Bear crawl/ Merkin
Thanks to @Ice 9 we now call this the “Bearkin” (If this has been named already
please call me out on it and its all yours!)
Once on the opposite side the PAX did the following
20 x Bombjacks

So now that we have completed Stage 2 it was onto Stage 3 for the finish line, the
PAX now would Mosey to about where we all parked in the main parking lot for the
final push.
The following were completed at stage 3
Run at a quicker than job pace to the first island (about 30 yards out)
Then 5 x burpies and run back to start
5 x big boy situps and run to second island (about 40 yards out)
Then 10 x burpies and run back to start
10 x big boy situps and run to third island (about 60 yards out)
Then 15 x burpies and run back to start
Finish with 15 Big boy situps

And….we were just about done but we still have 4 min on the clock.
The following was done to cool down
Mosey around Mt. Chiseled.
Last two minutes consisted of planks with the PAX!

This completed our workout, everyone was soaking wet by the end with no rain in
sight! Good job everyone keep up the hard work!

Q School – July 25 th (sign up if you have not done so already)
Blood Drive – Fuse Box has enough people now to get the drive going but will need
volunteers to setup and run the drive.  Two 2 hour shifts with 2 men at each shift (He needs 4 volunteers)
Pax Challenge- About 8K raised, raffle going on for Laz-Boy Furniture don’t miss your
opportunity for a new couch for the man cave!
1776 Challenge this Sat at Black Hawk.  All other Saturday AO’s will be closed to converge at Walnut Creek Park.
Men’s group meeting Monday night to start a new series meeting at Ackbar’s church
(Pizza and Beer)

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