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Waxhaw Spartan Race

WOW!!!  This event was a great success and I think we can all attribute it to all of us being a part of F3.  We only know how to do things one way and that’s Kick Ass!  From the planning, set up, and our efforts in pushing through when we thought we couldn’t.


There were 31 racers, 7 mashers/helpers, and 2 FNG’s.



Cell phone, CPR, F3 or Cuthbertson Liable, and are we ok with everyone starting together.


Warm up

Mosey around the soccer field

Circle up

SSH x 20

MTC x 18

Calf Stretch (EB)

Hip stretch


The Thang

We all headed over the starting line for the launch.  Posse was our official timer and Ipad in hand.  Bang!  Off we went up the path and since Tobi was taking pictures the PAX took off at a blistering 5:30 pace.  The camera always adds to the adrenalin.  Gotta look good in front of the camera.


We darted down behind the retention pond to the first obstacle, the Zig Zag hill run.  This ended up being the only part of the course that had mud which was unfortunate.

Up to the spirit trail we went.  This is when things started to thin out a little.  On the back side of the trail was the 40yrd Lunge walk.  As we headed back to the exit of the trail, we had our 3rd obstacle, 20 Bomb Jacks.  As we exited the trail and followed the tree line, we came upon the suicides station.  Once that was completed, we continued to follow the tree line to the crazy cabin guys house for our first non-running/leg exercise.   By this point my legs were felling a little beat.  40 Merkins then into the first of 2 Bush whacking runs.

The leaderboard was pretty tight with Wolverine leading the charge and Hollywood, Squeegee, Easy Button, Kid Rock, Transporter and myself right there.  Popped out of the woods for 100 SSH, now that took much longer than I thought, and it was hard to count that high while trying to breath.  Back to the woods to the HS spirit rock for 40 Dips on the curb.  The 25 Mike Tyson’s station is where Wolverine started to pull away from the rest of the pax.  Around to the bus lot and MS for Bunny Hops and Up and Over tables.  Looking back that was the break before things got really tough.  The Army crawls across the field was the one station I didn’t realize would hurt that much.  I tried to grab Kid Rocks foot to slow him down, that didn’t work.  Then came the gauntlet of Burpee Ladder 1,2,3,4,5, 100-yard Coupon Carry, and 100-yard Bear Crawl.  All I could hear was “Brock your almost there”, “don’t stop”, “keep moving” and “don’t quit”.  In case you don’t know the movie clip.

We all know the school campus so well but not many knew about the back trails.  When it rains they are usually under water.  Not gonna lie I has hopping for rain to help with the “Spartan” race feel.  We did a quick 25 Donkey Kicks before heading into the non-muddy trail.  Popped out of the wood for a BONUS 50 Merkins.  Bonus does not mean optional.   All I know is Easy Button ran right by it before I yelled at him that it was not optional.  Based on Recalc’s GM post on Saturday there may have been more people that skipped the Bonus.  The hill coming out of the woods was long and tough.  Not sure about the rest of you but I could hardly breath for the last Gauntlet of 25 Curls, 25 Shoulder Press, and 25 Swings.  Sprint to the finish line.


The course ended up being a little over 3.5 miles.


Hats off to Sledge-O-Matic for pushing through when I’m sure he didn’t want to.  He had his brothers right there with him pushing and motivating him.


Be on the lookout for the next event in 6 to 8 weeks.  Planning committee already has a few ideas.  There will be a return of the Waxhaw Spartan in the fall.


Thank you: 

Easy Button, Glidah, Deadwood, Kid Rock, Wolverine for planning and set up


Tobi (Down Pour’s wife) for pictures.  Will be posted on her website this week at


Blue Screen, Kid Rock, Easy Button, Shop Dawg for donating bananas, water, coffee, and donuts


Posse and Centerfold for helping with time and field directions


Also want to throw a shout out to Centerfold for his custom coupons.  The work you have done is amazing.  The Pax are greatly appreciative of the thought and effort you put into a $1.92 cinder block.

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