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First July Floater – 2020

Woke up feeling good, actually had a plan today. But first a pre-run to make sure the map was right. Smithers and I ventured to a new section of downtown Waxhaw to explore what happens if you go right at the N. Providence/ Blythe Mill Rd intersection. Just about 2 miles later the path was confirmed and we were back with a couple of minutes to spare before go time. A lucky group of 13 set out for some running and other stuff.

Mosey from the church across Howie Mine, head over to Dream Chaser’s and smell the bacon circle up.

  • SSH’s
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Jimmy Dugan
  • Calf Stretch

Ok, mosey back to the 4 way and set up for a little MC Scat Kat Paula Abdul action. We used the light poles 2 up/ 1 back, using Dry Docks and Speed Skaters as our sets. Turns out, if you say 15 speed skaters and that 2 counts as 1 you’ll be there for a while. Whatever, your glutes will thank me (disregard I’d appreciate if I never have to talk to any of you all’s glutes). We all meet up at the end of N. Providence and head out as a group. We were about 2 miles into what hoped to be 4.

The remainder of the post was running with some pain stations sprinkled in (or as we like to call it in Lawson, the LRC). Tried to keep the Fuse Box Boot Camp rules of running no more than 1/4 mile at a time. We sprinkled in some:

  • Bobby Hurleys
  • Merkins
  • Jump Squats
  • Standing Freddy Mercury Imperial Walkers
  • LBCs
  • Dips
  • Step Ups
  • Probably some other stuff

Made it back just in time for 6:45, everyone went to their respective cars to freshen up (which was weird but I guess we want to look our best for the family photo), circled up, and cradle to graved it.


  • 100 PAX challenge still looking for more donations but now we have a $1500 luxury piece of furniture being raffled off. Talk to BC/Recalc/Centerfold for details
  • 1776 games this weekend


This was my first Floater Q, luckily the Site Q’s have finally changed and their standards have lowered I was invited to Q. I appreciate everyone who showed, downtown Waxhaw can be a dangerous place to work out. Luckily I wore my red light (even during the family photo). PAX did well to stay together and out of harms way. We’ve got a solid group of guys which makes it all the more enjoyable. Look forward to the next one, see you in the gloom.

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