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Reduce, Re-use & Recycle

Reduce the amount of running but keep the heart rates up with called Exercises. The goal of the bootcamp is to push each other to be better fit men and to get heart rates up while getting stronger. We hit just under 1.5 miles today but heart rates were in the zone…

Re-use a previous Weinke because it was just so awesome not to… I re-used a previous Weinke that I recently Q’ed for Clyent Dinner that I thought was a good way to get heart rates up without all the running and could incorporate the PAX in the MASH unit.

Recycle the previous Weinke and make it into something better than before… I tweaked it in a way that would not require any coupons due to limited or no availability of rock piles at the Watchtower AO.

PSA on Recycling: When a post consumer-plastic grocery bag is recycled (YES! they can and do get recycled, contrary to popular belief…), it is turned into another bag but not directly re-usable. It has to be cleaned and then re-melted into pellets. Those pellets are combined with virgin material and on the other end of the process become a different bag so….. Please bring your plastic grocery bags back to your grocery outlet and place them into the designated bin. Your children and your children’s children and their children’s children and etc. will thank you.


Mosey from COT around front of school to bus lot and do 20 X Imperial Walkers then mosey to other side of bus lot for stretching, Calf Stretch L/R, Upward/Downward Dog, Jimmy Doogans C/L/R.


Mosey to teacher’s lot on the upper side and do:

Circuit 1 Circuit 2 Circuit 3
5 X Burp 6C IC J.Lo IC Burpee
10 X Rev Plank Knee Ups Superman LSSq CC
15 X BBSU CC Sskaters MT
20 X Lunge American H. Flutters IC
25 X Dry Dock CC PJ Sec Elbow Pl
Repeat X 2 Repeat X 2 Repeat X 2

Between each set we ran to the other side of the lot and back while the M.A.S.H. unit did various exercises with Coupons. Centerfold will have to fill in the blanks here. A lot of chatter from the PAX, (Mostly Posse), about the difficulty of the exercises and how awful they were and how we should change the order of the MT’s and LSSq. So I obliged (sort of) I added 5 LSSq but no reprieve was given on the 15 MT’s in the 3rd Circuit. Everyone cheered and decried about how happy they were that I added those 5 extra reps…. I had a little trouble counting today and, well, it worked out ok. (Only a few extra reps so not a huge deal)

After we were finished with the circuit, we had about 1:30 left so we took a short mosey around the perimeter of the COT lot and when completed time was up.

Today, we stayed together for the duration. No Clydesdales and no Gazelles. Just a bunch of hardworking men trying to be better. I hope everyone who posted at Watchtower today was pleased with their results. We all worked hard and finished. Way to push yourselves to be better/faster/stronger men!

We had an FNG today – Hospital Name = Jason Reynolds, From Athens, GA originally and is in the Forrestry Industry. Spent a lot of time travelling to South America pre-COVID and now can’t travel due to restrictions. He has a wife and 2 children and has lived in the area for 15 years. Welcome Bunyan! (Yellow-Jacket was a close second…)


My, how we have grown in our little town. In just a little over a year that I have had the pleasure of being a part of this group, many new sites and extended workouts have been introduced and are going strong. If you want to Q a workout in Waxhaw, there are many AO’s and difficulty levels from which to choose.   I always love being asked to Q as it is my pleasure to lead any one of the AO’s in our region. They each have their own degree of “something special”. The common denominator, though, is the group of men we have the pleasure of working out with on a daily basis.


Blood Drive from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Thursday, July 23rd at Weddington UMC at corner of 84 and Providence Rd.. JUST SIGN UP SO FUSEBOX WILL STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALREADY! (My self included)

Site Q School on Saturday, July 18th at Cuthbertson MS

Q School on Saturday, July 25th at Cuthbertson MS

100 PAX Challenge Raffle – See Centerfold for details and how to get tickets. $10 for 1 ticket, $25 for 3 tickets and etc…

YHC took us out – CTG

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