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Sure I’ll Q Dromedary. Where is it again?

You know, there’s a saying that you’re either growing or dying. Basically you’re either pushing yourself to be better and staying just outside of your comfort zone or remaining stagnant just going through the motions of life. Well what better way to grow and get a little uncomfortable than to take center stage and lead a group of your peers. Oh and why not make it a VQ at an AO you’ve never posted at before! I will say I did cruise around campus on my mtn bike the morning before to connect what I had mapped out in my brain from google maps. Did you know you can draw and measure distance on a PC in google maps? Well you can… Anyway I arrived extra early after a couple PAX were already on site and the cars just kept pulling in right up until time to mosey. DICCS were given while the last vehicle parked with an extra reminder for distance and safety.


.25(ish)mi mosey around the massive school parking lot and circled up

Mobility stretch – up & downward dog, hip stretch, twist (lots of groans so mission accomplished)

Peter Parkers IC x 10 i think

Rock back merkins hold EA position x 5 (i do these selfishly because I LOL inside watching PAX try to figure it out)


Mosey to mini track for 1mi Build a Burpee – 6 total laps (unless you’re Tool Time and then double it)
All exercises 6 down to 1 rep

Corner 1 – merkins

Corner 2 – in and outs

Corner 3 – squats (will remember to add the jump next time)

Corner 4 – burpees

Mary until 6 is in –

Mosey down the sidewalk to go around the back of the school off road down around edge of woods toward baseball fields

Hard left through the grass and edge of woods and stop at gravel access Rd.

Out and back merkin Buffet

Start x 5 diamond

Light pole x 5 (players choice because i completely drew a blank)

Light pole x 5 wide

End x 5 reg

X 2 rounds

Mary until 6 is in –

Mosey back to COT – ab web 1 BB 4 flutters until time


Hot damn I had a great time at Dromedary this morning! My preparation paid off and I felt cool, calm and collected the whole time. So much, in fact, we ended up running nearly 3.5mi before time was up. Ooops… I swear Garmin told me we should end up around 2.5/.75 tops the day before. I guess that’s one way not to get invited back to Q. Dasher double check with Deadwood next time, would you?! I had tons of help and support throughout my weinke from Tool Time, Posse, Dasher, Premature, Fiji, Shop dog and others I’m sure I’m forgetting but you know who you are. 5:30am seems more like a dream at this point. We had 24 pax including 2 mashers and I saw many faces I hadn’t seen in a long time or finally got to connect a face with a name so that was awesome. Random fact but this is the second Wednesday in a row that I have been attacked by Carolina piss ants fire ants at the very end of the workout. Last week at Chiseled whilst doing shirtless burpees. Little spawn of satan nailed me twice right in the gut and then two separate attacks by bigger and angrier little SOBs on the lower calf and my right hand this morning. Still had my shirt on this time too if you’re thinking, “Serves you right Glidah… keep your clothes on already.” I can’t close out this BB without mentioning the local news caught wind that Goodfella was making an appearance for the first time in two weeks today and caught the whole thing on tape! Ok Fox news was doing a story¬† and Goodfella was there but the two were not related. Something about COVID… I don’t know. He still rocked it out the whole time like he wasn’t sleep deprived and hadn’t missed a single workout. He closed us out with a great reminder of how important it is to always work hard and prepare for the battles of life. Not if, but when. And not physically but spiritually; mentally. Without faith in something greater than yourself you can’t navigate the storms of life. It left yet another confirmation that this group is a big deal and not an accident. We support, we encourage, we give, we love, we serve and we care about others first before ourselves. I am humbled and grateful to be a part of something so incredibly awesome. Dromedary I will be back!


100 pax challenge – donate and get raffle tickets – win a pimped out recliner or take a store credit – Winning

Sign up for Q school if you haven’t already.

Pray for continued healing for Goodfella’s M, baby boy and family. God is good and has his arms wrapped around them tight.

There are more announcements that I am forgetting so please scroll to the bottom of the other BB’s that were posted earlier today because they probably remembered.

YHC took us out. Look to Him and remember to show others that He is at work in your life.

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