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Mission Accomplished

12 dudes (6 boot camp and 6 mashers) beat a case of the Mondays and checked into the Asylum.


Started with a moving warmup today. Mosey around the Hickory Tavern lot then circle up for 15 SSHs. Mosey to the front of target then circle up for 15 Imperial Walkers. Mosey to the back of the Target lot for 10 Potato Pickers and some calf stretching. Mosey to the Petsmart lot for 6 Windmills.

The Thang

4 Corner Deconstructed Burpees – At each corner do the called exercise

  • First corner – 10 Squats
  • Second corner – 10 Merkins
  • 3rd corner – 10 In and Outs
  • 4th corner – 10 Bobby Hurleys
  • Repeato

Mosey to the Target parking lot

A twist on 4 Corners

  • 40 American Hammers (in cadence. Yes this sucked) then run the 4 corners (about a 4 island square)
    • Plank while waiting on the 6
  • 30 Plank Jacks IC then run 3 corners
  • 20 Bomb Jacks IC then run 2 corners
  • 10 Burpees OYO then run 1 corner

Back to the Petsmart lot and line up along one curb


  • 10 V Ups on my up
  • 20 American Knockouts IC
  • 30 second plank
  • Suicide half the lot then the full lot
  • Repeato

Fuse informed me that we weren’t actually doing V Ups the first time so we corrected that on the second round. Apparently actual V Ups suck more. Thanks Fuse.

Mosey back to the Target lot, partner up and line up across from your partner on a parking space line. The goal is to keep your partner honest on their form by staring each other in the eyes while doing the called exercise

  • 10 Merkins on my down
  • Plank walk one parking space towards Target
  • 8 Merkins then plank walk one space back towards the Petsmart
  • Continue with 6, 4, 2
  • Repeat the whole thing with Squats

Fuse claims I called low, slow Squats which we did not do. They were speedier. It is possible I said that as those Merkins/plank walks were killer.

Mosey to the alley between Hickory Tavern and the Greco Grill and find some wall

  • 10 Donkey Kicks and hold the last kick up on the wall for a 10 second count
  • 9 Donkey Kicks and hold the last kick up on the wall for a 9 second count
  • Repeato down to 1 Kick and 1 second count

Running low on time we moseyed to the benches in front of Hickory Tavern for some partner work

  • Partner 1 runs to Brooklyn Pizza benches and back
  • Partner 2 does Merkins/Step Ups/Big Boy Sit Ups – Your choice and you can switch between them at any time. Just keep moving
  • 400 cumulative count (or until time runs out, which it did)



My goal today was to keep the mileage lower but still keep the heart rates up. My Strava says 2.01 miles and I spent 50% of the workout in Zone 4/Threshold range. Mission accomplished? Yuck. I’m beat. Nap time, maybe?

Usually I like to swing by the MASHers and see what they’re up to but I had tunnel vision this morning trying to recover from those Merkin/Plank Walks and knowing we were heading into the Donkey Kicks. Mayhem was leading them this morning so I know they got a good workout. Great job taking the lead this morning! Congrats to Turnbuckle and Sledge-O-Matic on their huge milestones! If you get the chance ask them both what they’ve been up to because it’s incredibly impressive. Legalized broke his foot, guys. Like, several times. I heard it was so he could get out of doing burpees, but regardless, he’s still out there MASHing while on crutches! If you think you can’t get out and do SOMETHING for your 1st F then you’re just making up excuses. Good job, Legalized! Speaking of excuses, I’ve worked on EHing several guys to come out to F3 and I’ve heard the “I’m too old” excuse a ton. Blue Screen is like 400 years old and he’s out there KILLING it. He’s most of the reason those Merkin/Plank Walks I keep complaining about were so horrible. He was my partner for that one and he was pumping out Merkins faster than I could say “down!”. Pretty sure he did more than the called number each time. I hadn’t seen Swimmers in forever and apparently he was just on vacation. Getting back to working out after a week off and making bad eating choices every night is always tough (that was me a couple weeks ago), but Swimmers sure didn’t show it. Up front on all the exercises. Fusebox has a low key, slightly sarcastic way of keeping me honest on the exercises. “That’s not how I do V-Ups” or “What was low or slow about those Squats?” Duly noted, Fuse. Posse, on the other hand, makes me double-check my instructions every step of the way. Not sure if he’s doing it to mess with me or not, but I make sure to give extra clear instructions when Posse posts with me.



  • Blood Drive on Thursday, July 23 at Weddington United Methodist Church – Sign up!!!! – It’s open to everyone, not just F3, so bring your M, 2.0s (16 and up), friends, family, etc
  • Site Q School and Q School are coming up – July 18th and 25th respectively – Plenty of info on the GroupMe New Channel. Check the calendar there and/or see me for info – Sign up!!!
  • Q Source – Mondays, 7am at Brooklyn Pizza and Fridays, 7am at Cuthbertson Middle – Learning the fundamentals of being a virtuous leader
  • Prayers for Goodfella’s wife, Renee, who is back in the hospital with continued issues after the birth of their child
  • Prayers for Centerfold’s wife, Karen, who is back in the hospital with some pain after her recent surgery

YHC took us out



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