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The Friendly Confines Invade Chiseled

All started out good, and even brought an FNG (Redskin).


Mosey around Mt Chiseled.  NC, SSH, Up/Down Dog, Calf Stretch, Twisting Lunge

Mosey to get coupons from pile.


Tibata Type Workout.  4 cycles.  4 exercises per cycle.  Complete each cycle 3 times.  30 sec on, 12 sec off for each exercise, 35 sec rest between cycles.

Cycle1:  Chest Press w/C, Am Ham w/C, Plank Switch – hands to forearms, LBC

Cycle2:  Merkins – one hand on coupon and switch hands for each merkin, Side LBC, Shoulder Press w/C, V-Ups w/C

Cycle 3:  Curl w/C, Flutter, Overhead Tricep Ext w/C, Side Plank with leg lift

Cycle 4:  Downward Curl w/C, Squat w/C, Dip on C, One-legged plank



Wrote everything down, set up the Tabata app, music playlist selected…all good to go.

Started the workout – no music.  Annoying.  Heard every grunt (mostly mine).  The lack of music did start a discussion.  I started singing The Outfield…Maddog quickly ran to his Jeep and turned on the radio.

After cycle 2 I called an audible with a slow mosey to end of parking lot and back.

A lot of moaning when explaining the Am Hams and V-Ups with Coupon, but everyone got into the groove quickly.

Assistance with counting the Flutters by a few – appreciated. (Again lack of music)



100 Pax, Q-Site School, Q-School, Blood Drive

Named the FNG:

Dennis Card, neighbor of mine, originally from Syracuse, lived in DC for a bit, is half American Indian …I voted for Orangemen (Syr university and our president…)  Everyone else liked Redskin – we voted on this to help keep that name living on for a bit longer…

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