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Popping my VQ cherry at Diesel

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Four months later and I finally have this monkey off my back. I attended Q School led by Posse earlier this year and quickly jumped on getting myself scheduled for two future Diesel dates. Well…it turned out that my first Q was the week that F3 Waxhaw shutdown due to Covid-19 and wiped me off the Q schedule. After that, I had lost my confidence to want to Q. After seeing a lot of new PAX from 2020 starting to do their VQ’s and not feeling like I am being a good team member, going into the garage wood shop over at Shop Dog’s and getting a lot of life guidance from him (he really has a great EH for those that need guidance) plus add on top of that getting guidance from my accountability team of Fuse Box and Posse. I finally broke down and had a talk with Chastain about getting myself on the Q schedule for Diesel.

Arrived around 5am and set up some signs around Five Stones parking lot I made (well my wife made them really) that had each locations workout on it. Spoke with Chastain and Brutus prior to other PAX showing up to make sure I was ready to do this.

I made some small rookie mistakes…but that’s what life and F3 is about…learning from our mistakes and improving ourselves so that we dont make the same mistake twice. Making ourselves better men and better leaders.

1: DICCS given

2: WARM UP: (10 each)

A: Forward and reverse arm circles (10 each way)

B:  Imperial Walkers

C: Side straddle hops



Broke into two separate groups

Group 1 is to complete the following workouts:

Complete 25 of each…

1: Squats

2: Bent over rows 

3: Overhead press

4: Calf Raises on the curb or coupon

5: Curls

6: Merkins

7: Hammer Curls (25 each arm)

8: Shoulder Flies

9: Triceps Extension 

10: 21’s

11: Dumbbell Kickback

12: Weighted Shoulder Shrugs


Group 2 is to complete the following : 

Walk around the parking lot islands: Complete 25 of each at each island

  Zombie walk with coupon to each island. When you get to:

     Island 1: Lay down chest press

     Island 2: Speed Skaters (each side is 1)

     Island 3: Plank Jacks

     Island 4: Captain Morgan Squats (left foot on coupon)

     Island 5: Captain Morgan Squats (right foot on coupon) 

     Island 6: Invisible Wall Sit holding coupon for 25 seconds

When group 2 returns , Group 1 heads off to Zombie walk to each island and complete the workouts. We did this twice. Afterwards we decided to merge into one group and complete a round of the first set of workouts together. That brought us right to the finish line.



Great seeing everyone sweat and work hard this morning. Diesel is a great site. Everyone should attend a Diesel workout at least once. In my opinion, its one of the better sites F3 Waxhaw has to offer. Brutus, Chastain and the regulars all add to the fun times that can always be had at Diesel. Loved to see Legalized out there working hard even though he is on crutches. Sledge-O-Matic…this guy is a beast to work out with and he gives 150% every time. I have never seen him do a lazy workout. When you can ring out your shirt and leave a puddle of sweat, you know you worked your ass off. Proud of you my man! Keep up the hard work. Great to see Drop Thrill come out from Fort Mill to make a guest appearance at Diesel. Centerfold was his usual late self…lol…but he is a great leader, works hard and brings the fun banter to each of the workout groups. Mayhem is always there working hard and his love of life is just infectious. Bunyan is someone who I just met this morning for the first time. From what I was able to see, he really worked hard today and was the first done in my group each time.



Discussed 100 PAX Challenge with Centerfold. We are almost at goal. For further details please contact Centerfold or any other 100 Pax Challenge team members.

Discussed Bloood Drive with Fuse Box. We currently have 64 signed up and sign ups end on Wednesday. Please push hard to recruit others over the next several days to fill our goal of filling the 100 slots.

Q School / Site Q School coming up the next 2 weekends. Please speak with Chastain for further details.

Prayed for the wives of Goodfella and Centerfold and the daughter of Shop Dog to recover from their ailments.

Discussed recruiting new PAX to join F3 Waxhaw. Discussed how the F3 program has a lot of success stories here in Waxhaw. Turnbuckle, O-69 and Sledge-O-Matic have lost a combined 150+ pounds. So put those emotional headlocks on those that need it and discuss the results PAX are seeing in their lifestyles.

I took us cradle to grave.

Have a great and blessed weekend!

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