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Showing our Age

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s roll …

Apparently I missed a good time last night (F2 at Lawson poolhouse)!  I think Easy Button was first one at Swarm, but completely asleep on the sidewalk … hey Easy, wake up, you coming?  Zinfandel came in on two wheels in that beast of a Jeep, he jumps out of the Jeep and yells at all of us about no shirts … dude, check the temperature!  Last night I had a tough time with the Weinke planning, off campus, on campus, needs to feel like Swarm, will I make it thru an hour?  Anyway, on the opening mosey, got an update on Glidah’s beatdown at The Floater (not sorry I missed that:).  After the opening mosey and warm-up, I gave a disclaimer “Do as I say, not as I do today” (trying to heel up my knee).  PAX were good with that and we are off …

Decided to stay on campus, plenty of good circuits to wear our butts out.  First up, CHS bus lot covered shelter and steps for 20 donkey kicks, mosey and 20 Mike Tysons, rinse and repeat 3x, quick math for ya= yeah 60 Mike Tysons out of the gate, that will wake you up and smoke the arms!  Mosey over to back of HS for 20 dips on wooden benches, run 400m’ish loop around the woods, 20 derkins, rinse and repeat 3x.  This is when Glidah confessed, I should have Fart Sacked!  I can’t lie, the comment brought a BIG smile to my face.  And then I agreed with him.  He Q’d yesterday and was heading to the lake with family and already planned a long run with his brother around the Lake, nice, go get it Glidah!  This dude is getting stronger and faster all the time, watch out PAX!  After the derkins, shoulders were smoked again, decided to share some love with the abs: 20 each Pistols, LBCs, Big Boys and American Hammer.  Up and away … mosey to large CHS parking lot where couple kids were in their car taking pictures of each other at 6:15am???  Zin said they probably had not even been to bed yet (I concur, crazy youth:).  And they probably figured we were just as crazy as we demonstrated the burpee ladder, zig-zagging between islands, we started with 1 burpee and ended together for 10 burpees.  That Burpee Ladder is no joke and Easy Button was right there with us, pushing hard, real hard.  Good job Easy, it did not go unnoticed!  Getting going after that was very slow mosey, Premature and I both feeling a little light headed.  Final circuit, Mosey to back of middle school for step-ups, diamond merkins and short run, rinse and repeat 3x.  Headed back to COT with 2 min to go, arrived right on time!  Quick fist bump/chicken wing congrats to PAX … I had to scoot for work.


Heard several times from Zinfandel about not being in shape, yet he was right with us the entire workout, go figure? (good work dude).  Premature shared he has never ran this much in his life, he has to buy new running shoes every 6 months now:)  I’m very impressed Mike, your determination and tattoos, keep showing up man!  Premature and I figured out we both are having similar knee problems, so call us if you have any knee questions, I’m positive we can offer completely bad advice:) at least I can.  Glidah reminded us that he was mentally a “2 mile guy” but with just a little time and effort with this group has broken that barrier wide open.  He and Easy Button were killing it today, no signs of aging on them.  Meanwhile Zin explained his calf muscle problems, inquiring about calf sleeves when he had a chance.  Some of us were def showing our age out there today!  Not all, just some, mostly me.  It was good being on Q, thanks guys for allowing me to lead, sorry I had to bolt out of there.


Check Impromptu since I left promptly.

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