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There Will be Burpees

Sweat drops on pavement and burpees with pull ups,
Side Stradle Hops with merkins (some call them push ups)
Bear crawls with broad jumps and soggy wet mittens, 
These are a few of my favorite most hated things… 

Actually not, but the idea behind this weinke was to throw in a lot of my least favorite, or should I say, more challenging exercises.  I was aiming for a really tough workout, and while it had its moments, it wasn’t exactly brutal like Daniel Day Lewis in There Will be Blood (though there was a little blood).  Enough preamble….

The Thang

Standard Disclaimer: I’m unprofessional, no lawsuits, pace yourself, and keep your distance
(Side Note: first time for everything, I did NOT forget to start my watch timer, yippie!)

Mosey for 2 min & Circle Up

15x: SSH, LSS, CCD   (classic cadence confusion somewhere between numbers 2 and 3 – I’m an expert at screwing up cadence)
Static: plank, side plank left/right, superman, boat (canoe? whatever, it’s opposite of superman – so let’s call it Lex Luthor!)
Stretch: up dog, deep lunge, add thoracic rotation, repeat on left side

Mosey up hill to nice grassy field
Pax spread out for Killer Bees, which is:
100ft Bear Crawl, return doing:
5x Broad Jumps
3x Burpees, repeat jumping and burpees back to starting point

Now That sure was a fun start (highly recommended for all future Q’s looking for ways to challenge your Pax). I wish we had time to do another round, but considering the mumblechatter, and my burning legs and heart rate, I thought it wiser to save some energy for the next set of work.

Mosey to Rock Pile

Claim your favorite rock and Mosey to the Playground

Partner up for fun in the playground
Partner 1 : run 2 laps
Partner 2
on lap 1 : Elf on the Shelf with rock
on lap 2 : Bent over Row with rock
Switch places

Round 2, same drill, but partner 2:
on lap 1 : Burpee Pull up
on lap 2 : Thruster with rock

Mosey back to Rock pile & say good bye rock (or rather, see you next week)
Mosey all of 20 steps for the lastest & bestest:

2 rounds of BLIMPS :
5x Burpee
10x Lunge
15x Imperial Walker
20x Merkin
25x Plank Jack
30x Squats

But the Pax were eager for more,  and they pleaded for an extra bonus round of BLIMPS, how could I say no?

Mary: I think was 15x: Box Cutter, LBCs, and a few other things.


100 Pax Challenge – Looking for 100 Pax to donate $100 or WHATEVER YOU CAN. Venmo to @f3waxhaw or see Posse for details.

Raffle for $1,500 Furniture Gift Certificate Ongoing. Centerfold has tickets for sale. All proceeds goes to our goal of raising $10,000 for local charities.

Site Q School @ Cuthbertson Saturday 7/18, followed by Q School next Saturday 7/25 (See Posse for details)

Blood Drive 7/23, sign up before showing up:

And, Impact Local 5K/10K aiming to raise $5K to local charities, see


No profound words to share tonight, if I get started I’ll go on too long and scare my M – she’s afraid I’ll say something controversial like I’m proud to be an American or some other equally radical sentiment.   We do live in slightly-interesting times (but not really, compared to a whole lot of other times).  There’ll be time for the soapbox later on, right?  Let’s hope it won’t get that interesting.  It was a pleasure leading again.  I look forward to the next.


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