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Welcome to Site Q School

What a great morning.  We all show up for Site Q school, only for Chastain to assign tasks to each of us.

Catfish – 15 minute Q
Mayhem – 15 minute Q
DasBoot – 15 minute Q
JWoww – Backblast
Rubbermaid – Push Legalized in a Chariot
Legalized – Tell Rubbermaid and others how fast to go
Wrigley/PointBreak – Feedback
Scuba – Time keeper
FuseBox/Chastain – Correct us


Catfish began with a mosey and then warmup exercises

The Thang

  • Catfish did some exercises and mosey around.
  • Mayhem took over for his 15 minutes of fame and promised a 0.0 mosey effort, highlighting how it is done
    at Diesel.  He was Q-Jacked by Fuse at one point, but didn’t let it bother his game, assuming there was a game :).
    He did actually give proper exercise instruction before each exercise, good job.
  • Dasboot was ready for his 15 minutes with some light pole action towards Rudy’s palace.
    He had us grab a lifting rock, some mosey effort, more light pole action, extending his time to 20 minutes on the way
    back, saying something about this is how we do it at the body shop, late.

The Moleskin

There was a lot of talent today at the Site Q School, as there were other areas of the school doing exercises.  The F3 guys were ok too.
We closed out with a poem that Chastain swore he didn’t write.  I am sure that was true.  His kids did ask for their book back though.

We followed up for the detail part of Site Q School near Chik-Fil-A, which was very well organized I should say and everyone was able
to take good information back.

I don’t have much more to say, but it was a good morning.  Only issue I had to work out was Chastain going overtime and my M having
a honey do list for me.


Blood drive 7/23 9-1 @ Weddington United Methodist Church.  Signup @ and search for F3.

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