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This ain’t no Party, this ain’t no disco

Got the call from Posse to head up Homecoming on the day of the SOB 5K Charity/Virtual run.  We agreed that 5K was the distance; but that it needed a little twist.  Initial twist was to run BACKWARDS the entire 5K.  I approached the lot and it was just Gerber and Wolverine:::just fabulous – running a  5K with the fastest dudes in Waxhaw wasnt going to be fun–I thought I could slow them down–BACKWARDS.  Not to be it was rejected by all (and probably a good decision).  Late arrivals Zin and Southern Tip just rolled in before the gun went off.

1 ish mile loop around Weddington Middle/Elem.  Plan was to stop 4 at each 1/4 mile and perform a 3 exercise bundle.

Bundles included Burpees, diamonds, BH’s, speed skaters, squat jumps, tysons..

added an app Captain Therkin to the mix as well

Glad to see Gerber back – and he’s really slowed down (not)

Wolverine nursing an injury is an oxymoron –

Zin -getting back into post beer road trip shape and eager to improve his Big Boy form!!

Southern Tip – quietly just keeping pace and works his ass off.

So all in all it was a bootcamp 3+ miler.


Announcements – Blood Drive Thursday 9-1/ 100 Pax Challenge getting close to the $10k finish line



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