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Zin what did you say?

Alright today I had the pleasure of leading a fine group of Pax around Dromedary today. What fun will we have today, and how to keep the Pax separated with no up and back but keep them together? As 6am arrived 16 others came to see what was planned.

Warm up:

  1. Quick mosey towards stairs
  2. 20 SSH,
  3. 30 Merkins,
  4. 20 Mountain Climbers,
  5. Calf Stretch (get them Veals loose)
  6. 20 Flutters

The Thang:

  1. At each light pole down the side and around the globe alternate
    1. 20 LBC
    2. 20 Dry Docks
  2. Alternate each light down front drive to middle school and around to the front
    1. 5 Squats
    2. 5 Bobby  Hurleys (where you at Recalculating)
  3. Grab some wall at the front for 20 Mike Tysons
  4. Mosey around back to the picnic tables for
    1. 20 Derkins and 20 Dips
    2. Run a lap
    3. Drop by 5 reps and repeat till finished (4 rounds)
  5. Mosey to the parking lot for Suicides
    1. 10 H2H – Jail Break to first line for a Burpee then return and so on till the island.
    2. 10 Merkins – Jail Break to line for a Burpee then return adding a Burpee per line.


While starting the Dips and Derkins Zinfandel asked if we were going to run a lap. After a quick second sure why not, everyone add a lap between and enjoy. It was great to be out leading this great group of HIMs. A special welcome to Goodfella back to Dromedary as well.


  1. Q School this weekend visit the calendar in The Playhouse / NewsChannel for details
  2. F3 Blood Drive tomorrow Weddington UMC
  3. Blackhawk Saturday Cobblers 3 year anniversary Q
  4. Cobbler needs moving boxes
  5. Next Thursday 7/30 social hour at Lawson will be recurring ever other Thursday, if you want a name change come with a pitch and plea.


Next week at Dromedary Dasher on Q

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