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Welcome to the show, but keep you clothes on!

Today I had the pleasure of leading 20 outstanding Pax around the courtyard today. Not sure how this is going to go, because I have not been around much since the RONA. Anyway, we will get thru it and we will survive.

DICCS given……Lets Mosey

Warm up:

  1. Quick mosey towards and around Mt. Chisel
  2. 20 SSH
  3. 20 IP
  4. Calf Stretch (L)
  5. Calf Stretch (R)
  6. Moroccan Front
  7. Moroccan Back

The Thang:

  1. If you didn’t bring a Coupon – Go get one, and while you are gone, the rest of us will go LBCs
  2. Partner up
  3. We will be using Bobby Hurley’s as the timer
  4. 1st group – Bobby Hurley down and back between the cones while your partner partakes on Stairway to heaven – Switch
  5. Rotate after both have completed the Bobby Hurleys & Stairway to Heaven
  6. The rest of PAX will we doing the following
    1. Curls with Coupon
    2. Goblet Squat
    3. Overhead Chest Presses
    4. Shoulder Raises
    5. CBD
    6. LBC
    7. Leg Raises
    8. Wide grip Merican
    9. Dips
    10. Run to Front of 4 Corners
      1. 1st Corner – 25 dips
      2. 2nd Corner – 25 Merican
      3. 3rd Corner – 10 lunges (R); 10 lunges (L)
      4. 4th Corner – 20 Wide grip Merican


We covered a little over a mile, 1.2 miles to be exact. You’re welcome Fusebox. While we were doing Goblet squats, Rudy pops up and says “Shouldn’t these be called Tea bags?”  Well, why not. Good call Rudy.  As always, thanks for the opportunity to lead.


  1. Q School this weekend visit the calendar in The Playhouse / NewsChannel for details
  2. F3 Blood Drive tomorrow Weddington UMC  – Bring Kid friendly snacks
  3. FNG from Texas Coming to Diesel on Friday
  4. 100 pax Challenge reached its Goal!
  5. Showgirl took us out
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