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Bloody Snooze Alarm….

And for my 47th Q I’ve got some new tricks/ideas up my sleeve. Hooch did his infamous marketing but won’t show up to the workout routine. I ate a huge meal based on nurses suggestion at the blood drive and was amped.

Little late night curveball, our daughter has an ear infection and she woke up crying. I was up with her from like 2-3am, no big deal. Wife came into sleep with her so I could rest before my Q. Back to bed.

Sadly the trick I didn’t realize was on me and that one last hit of the snooze button would seal my fate. Just needed 10 more minutes which apparently turned into 30+ because I woke up at 644am.

Spring out of bed. Grab cloths. Sprint to Jeep. Drive 70+ MPH and I arrive on Cuthbertson campus with the high beams on. Where are they? Hopefully they didn’t go Lawson. No one in parking lot. Drive on sidewalk near the tennis courts and BAM! I’ve located them. Park and jump into the Dasher led exercise…

Was DiCCS given? I’ve got no idea.


I start the workout the way I always do, apologizing. The pax are basically silent minus the grunts from the 20 x pushups they were knocking out. Run up the stairs, complete 10 x MTs and run back down. I mention to Dasher I’m happy to jump back on this thing I screwed up and he says ok.

Mosey to wooden benches, still damn quiet. Are they mad or mostly just running a pint low on blood? Mosey to the massive lot closest to the football field. I had intended to take it to Champion Forest but no dice.

Partner up with someone you have never partnered with. Run opposite ways around the entire parking lot up by the main road. When you meet your partner each knock out 5 x hurpees aka hand release burpees. Complete 3 times. It’s by this point I realize they are all physically drained because of blood loss.

Ab webb time. 1xBB, 4xLBCs and 2xmerkins. Everyone was gassed but then wanted it to be over because of Ice 9s dry heaving.

Mosey towards Rudy’s shed. Bear crawl 40yards between lights. Wall sits with my always favorite toe/heel movements with the alternating air press/shadow box. Mosey again. 30yd bear crawl but with my groaning from the pax. Mosey to front of school. Then 20 x dips with a half lap. Then 10 x derkins with another 1/2 lap. Repeat 3 times.

Roundabout way to mosey back to school. Return to COT. And that’s time.


Only lesson learned was don’t trust a snooze button. Thanks Dasher for taking the lead when I blew it and for letting me jump back on it.

Great week boys. A lot to celebrate. Go hug your kids. Build a fort and do a sleepover. Everyone is feeling stress and everyone needs some additional attention. Then pour your wife a glass of wine and tell her she has the night off.


Site Q school tomorrow!

Workout hours going back to usual on August 3rd!

Got a passion for something and need help, tell your bro’s. We got you!

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