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Signed up for Q school last minute yesterday night and glad I did.  It felt nice to get up early on a Saturday (for once) and get a workout in with a good group of guys, as well as learn a little more about F3.

Warm up

Chastain, not a stranger to DiCCS, gave us the breakdown of a good DiCC.  Fuse box showed us how NOT to do things as he started us off with some horrendous counting.  Went around the circle and everyone counted off some exercises.

  • merkins
  • Peter Parkers
  • j-lo’s
  • LBC’s
  • BB’s
  • Mike Tysons

The Thang

Fuse box took off — did not know the man could move THAT fast — and led us over to front of middle school where we did:

  • 11’s:  merkins -> jump squats
  • 4 corners: crab dips, dry docks, flutter kicks, LBC’s x 20 each

Moseyed a bit more to an area where we received the history behind “Rudy’s poop palace” (for some reason I always thought Rudy was someone’s dog who liked to dump near the shed).  Then some partner work:

  • derkins while partner ran to fire hydrant x 2 rounds

Ran over to pick up some moderately heavy rocks:

  • shoulder press x10
  • bicep curls x 10
  • tricep extension x 10

Then back up towards CoT, going down 2 lamp posts and back 1 (forgot what these were called) doing 5 burpees and 10 American hammers.  Chastain thankfully called an audible for a prison break back up to CoT.


Big thank you to Fuse box and Chastain for giving up their Saturday morning to teach us and make us better leaders.  Bonus of the post workout pow wow was seeing a shirtless bottlecap drive by in his sexy new pickup.

Haven’t been going to too many workouts lately but seeing guys at the blood drive gave me the itch again.  Looking forward to posting more and maybe Q-ing a workout soon.


Continued prayers for Goodfella and family, Chastain led us out with “Invictus”.  Definitely forgot a few announcements here; apologies


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