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Substantially Similar

YHC came in on two wheels at 6:59, threw on shoes and off we went at 7:00ish on a humid morning to celebrate 3 years of F3.


Jog from the Rec Area parking lot over to the arbor by the pond for dips, merkins, windmills, SSH, etc.

Continue up the hill on Walnut Creek Parkway (and eventually down the other side) towards the residential area under construction stopping to do 5 merkins at every other light pole circling back for the 6. One-Niner made a brief appearance and was gone almost as quick as he appeared.

The Thang

In my first Q at the original incarnation of Blackhawk 3 years ago we dug deep into the Exicon to dig up Burpback Mountain, it has occasionally appeared since then and hadn’t made an appearance at Blackhawk 2.0 until today.

For those that haven’t had the pleasure – Partner 1 does burpees, Partner 2 runs up a hill until a combined 100 burpees are completed. Its as horrible as it sounds, but the PAX pressed on and Gronk complained he wasn’t forewarned on the ride in and TB opined he was told Blackhawk was the Saturday option with less running.

After that was complete off to the rockpile pile of mud with some rocks in it for curls then a sprint. Upon returning to the rocks Twinkle Toes somehow wound up with another rock so YHC instructed the Pax to pick up their rock or a substantially similar one to press on, more on this later. We repeated with the rocks doing shoulder presses, tri-extensions and more curls mixed in with sprints and backwards runs.

Rocks back to the mud and we began our way back to the launch stopping along the way for more merkins, dips, mary, squats and others I forgot. Return around the back side of the pond to the launch and end.

Everyone covered between 2.5 – 3 miles, maybe more.


So the term Substantially Similar comes up in my line of work occasionally and it came out second nature during the workout when Twinkle Toes wound up with a new rock, prompting some fun mumble chatter.

Props to TB for pushing himself during a brutal workout and being down 50 lbs.

Shop Dawg leading and encouraging all of us to be the best we can be.

Carbload and Twinkle Toes alternating between leading the way and circling back for the 6 and both being a huge part of Blackhawk 2.0.

And to my little man Gronk for coming out, pushing himself and getting better.

As mentioned this was my 3rd anniversary Q, can’t really describe the impact F3 has had on my life.

We moved here in 2017 not knowing anyone and F3 really helped us get settled in. 3 years later my wife has a job she loves working for an F3 brother, my son is a regular and I honestly can’t picture life without F3 in it. In year 4 I want to get more involved in the 2F events and maybe get a Tuesday AO launched at Walnut Creek.

There’s too many of you to mention that have had a positive impact but thank you for your leadership, friendship and pushing when we don’t want to be pushed.


Blood Drive a success and to become a regular event.

Shop Dawg on Q next Saturday at Blackhawk

Corona hours ending, return to original times August 3.


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