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School is not in session (anymore…late)

Warm Up

On a fine summer morning we went to school…and then it was over.

Chastain and Fuse Box explained what we would be doing until 8:30am, preached the DiCCS format and then we were off…no that was Fuse Box…with no weinke


We moseyed towards the front of the school trying to keep Fuse Box in sight.  An example of what not to do as a Q.  It also didn’t seem like Chastain knew how to count but again a lesson for us to do it right.


Jump Squats

4 corners (split the group/on your own)

  • Dry docks
  • Flutters
  • LBCs

Moseyed to the school bus lot for some work with a partner.  No partner carry exercises allowed now with Covid (phew) so we caught a break.  So while one partner did derkins, the other ran ~40 yards then back to change exercise positions with said partner.

Short mosey to rock area…


Shoulder press

Tricep press

Used the lamp posts by the shed/field to practice american hammers…only twice and then sprinted/jail break to the COT.


I really appreciate everyone taking the time to help me learn how to Q (after being here only 3 weeks) especially Chastain, Fuse Box and Posse.  Apologize for submitting this 3 days late (from time I could access).


n/a.  Chastain took us home with something other than a prayer

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