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Another “Balmy” morning in the Gloom today. I love Carolina weather in July…  Hot and sticky in the mornings and then just plain hot all throughout the day, followed by hot and sticky again in the evening. No use in complaining because it beats the heck out of being cold.

6 men joined me today at Cerberus for a “GEM hunt” in the COVID-Adjacent parking lot of Waltonwood Providence Retirement community.


Mosey around back side of Waverly and circle up behind Menchie’s for 25 X SSH IC. Continue Mosey and find our way to Ardrey Kell Rd East and circle up at the island for 25 X IW, 15 X Merkin IC, 15 X Peter Parkers, Downward Dog, Calf Stretch L/R, Runner’s Stretch L/R, Upward Dog, Jimmy Doogans C/L/R & back to C. Mosey down to Waltonwood for…


7 of Diamonds (or 4 of diamonds but we’ll get to that later…)

7 burpees at each corner of the loop (loop was ~0.3 mi) for 28 total (MARY for the SIX after each loop)

14 BBSU’s for the next loop for 56 total

21 Merkin on 3rd loop for 84 total

28 Monkey Humpers 4th (and final) loop for 112 total

9 minutes to go and ~0.8 mi back to COT so we started the long mosey back at this point and stopped along the way for a short MARY with LBC’s IC

AYG back to COT from Ardrey Kell East to Southgrove St.  (nod to the ladies in front of CYCLEBAR as we pass by…) and back to COT.

Have a nice day for 30 seconds and DONE!

Not much to say about today other than it was great to meet a few of the PAX from Area51 along with seeing a couple of familiar faces (Swimmers & Posse). These men really worked hard and I couldn’t keep up with Alf or McGee. Spare Parts holding his own and The Commish (R) and Posse out there getting after it. I felt like I was racing with Swimmers the whole time but he was probably just letting me stay with him to build my confidence. (What a nice dude!)


Second Blood Drive going is in planning stages. Looking at Octoberish timeframe…

A lot of choices in Waxhaw for a workout on Saturday. McGee is on Q at Homecoming, Shop Dog at Blackhawk

YHC took us out #ctg

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