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A Light Jog Across the Rocking Lot

According to my notes this was my VQ at Flash! This AO has special meaning as this is where Glider, no it’s “Glidah” thanks to Schneider, was named and born about two years ago. However it was only about a year ago at this time that I started posting on the regular again. More on that journey some other time… Arrived early enough to wish the Ignition PAX good luck as they were going to need it with Tool Time popping his VQ cherry. I hate that I missed hills in Champion Forest I wasn’t there to support him but duty called to get the week started off with a nice humid kick in the under carriage for what ended up being 20 something PAX. DICCS were interrupted right about the second C which for me was CPR when a half naked Wolverine strolls up and distracted many on lookers… so if anyone needed resuscitating he was your guy for the morning. With that we were off.


Mosey out and around front of middle towards HS entrance drop off and circle up!
Mobility stretch – getting some good feedback here and seeing more of this in the warmups so glad it’s catching on. (You know you need to stretch more)
Peter Plank Jacks x 10 IC
Calf stretch
6in hold P Parker x 5 IC
Imperial Squawkers – x 10? IC



Mosey back out and around to bus road up to covered stairs for triangle ladder 7 to 1
HSPUs against wall x 7,6,5.. ( shldr taps mod 2 is 1 ) – So many great reactions when HSPUs came out of my mouth
Broad jump x 7,6,5.. – make sure to demo the dif b/n a “bunny hop” and broad jump
BBs x 7,6,5..
Gazelles catch up to the six and bring it in.
Schneider led us in Mary

Next Mosey  down past tennis courts and follow sidewalk the long most direct way around to grab a rock by Geeb Jungle. Pick a parking spot for your lane.
Rocking Lot – 6 Stops Mosey to ea stop w/ rock held over head
15 reps ea Q count
Going Down
1 Curls
2 Goblet squats
3 AmHams
4 Triceps
5 Toe Taps IC
6 V Ups
Coming Back
1 Shoulder Press
2 Goblet Side Lunge
3 LBCs
4 Front Shoulder Raise – Shoulders were getting smoked so I offered an upward row mod
Drop Rock AYG down and back!
Rocks back and mosey

Head back towards traffic circle and follow sidewalk to poop shed.
Burpee stops up the Yellow Brick Rd Segment
4 sidewalks TL 2 on RT 2 on L
1st x 5 reg burpees
2nd x 5 sgl leg burpees on RT
3rd x 5 sgl leg burpees on L
4th x 5 Mike T Burpees
Hard run back rinse and repeat – 1min left to bring in the six and time!


As of late I’ve been concocting higher mileage recipes when on Q but I really wanted to make sure we stayed busy throughout our entire 45mins of gloomy paradise today.  It’s funny how you do the workout in your head before the main event. That triangle ladder ended up being a lot more ambitious this morning which was a good thing. We had a pretty large group today (yet still compliant) which was great as it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to run around and do stupid things with a lot of these guys! With such a large group and making sure I didn’t forget anything throughout my weinke it’s hard to recite a lot of highlights but I did get a firm “NO” from Shake n bake at least once, Wolverine was staying right up there with me while nursing an annoying knee issue, I noticed Sugar Daddy cranking out some extreme derkins against the wall – he could have just turned a 180 and done the hand stand push ups, Rockwell and One Star seemed to lead most of the opening triangle ladder and Goodfella raced through and led the pack during the last burpee segment voicing his opinion about the single leg burpees the whole time as he should. Did you know it’s literally twice as hard to do a one legged burpee?! I really appreciate the nod from the site Q’s to lead today and the feedback at the end. Some of said feedback being only hand gestures so I’ll take that as a job well done.


Congrats to Tool Time for earning the “Brick of Pain” on what I’m sure was a bar setting VQ at Ignition.
September 5 – 12 Mayhem is leading a mission trip to Panama City FL to provide hurricane relief to local residents there. Rebuilding and construction. $400 all in – See him if interested.
Goodfella reminded us that our thoughts, prayers and intentional action really do help and make a difference! Be intentional to work and build your spiritual, mental and physical strength because you never know when it will be called upon as we navigate this life. Not if, but when.
Welcome FNG Jason Mitchell “Manziel”

YHC took us out.
“True success is giving and receiving love, having mental and physical health, enough wealth to provide you with options and the time to enjoy them all.”

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