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Today was my Ignition VQ! Was a good run with everyone that worked their butts off! And NO this is not the express, we went doing merkins/burpees/big boys!


Mosey from the main parking lot around the school to the high school large parking lot.

Stretch / warm up

The Thang:

3 rounds of up hill runs (to the traffic island)(approx. ¼ mile).  5 merkins at the island, run back down, 5 merkins at the start followed by planks while waiting on the six.

3 rounds of up hill runs up to the spirit rock (approx. ½ mile).  20 big boys at the rock, run back down, hold plank at the start (a lot of groaning went on during this time).

And then we were off to Champion Forest

Started at the street where it is approx a one mile loop, split into 2 groups where we would meet in the middle.

1 mile loop Indian run, after each group cycle, 10 merkins (alt from Diamond, wide, and regular)

Pax met in the middle for 10 burpees, 20 merkins, and 30 big boys.

Indian run continued until group met once again.

10 merkins, then run back to campus with planks and merkins along the way.

5+ miles were accomplished by the team today! Great job everyone !

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